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you are the visitar!! send me your name, adress and credit card information to receve your present

what happens when you get too far from your house?

pearie sol

thank you so so so very much for visating my site because it means the whole wide universe to me that you have made it here on this day won't you join me in celebriting this miricle we call life and all the magical and wonderful possibilities and magic we call music you are a wonderful person to this world and a present to me so please wont you please let me give a present to you? I just need your credit card number now so wont you please listen to the world with me while we listen together to god and the spirits and the holy ghosts of those who have fallen past and thos who will fall? So thank you for all the love you have given me and always know that I am feeling the love with you in return while we listen to this miricle we call sound and this wonder we call the ocean of our minds and our thoughts and please join hands with me while we sing the world our song of peace and love thank you so much that is what my music is to myself but thats just me lol\

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pearie sol my dog sprinkles
me and my bff were weird like that
another one of sprinkles lol