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Sad News for Bloody Car but some good....      1/09/02

Ok I haven't updated in a while.So what.But this could be my last post for a while.I get my report car tomorrow and if I have one F I have no more internet.Here goes the good news.I have asked Mantis to take over for a while until I can get back.Also check out the C2Cars section I have uploaded Junpile's cars
that were put up at dTD and TSS but only two where on dTD.So TSS and Bloody Cars bring you all of them.I'm going to play GTA3 now so c-ya later or in about 9 weeks.

Well I just broke my 2 legs but hey.. The designing must go on. Go to the message board and give some ideas... Darn.. I almost forgot.. I am Sergeant Extreme and I will make some TDR cars for ya alll out there.. So.. Just wait and watch the progress going one.. My first serie off cars will be the HRA-Serie.. Hot-Rod-Animals... I might post one pic soon..
The Sergeant
some good....                                  1/19/02

Ok I haven't updated in a while.but ohh well, im still takin a break from all the carma stuff.  but im nice enough to run this place till Raptor-X gets back.  
hm ok well here is raptor-x's newest creation!  its a skin for the shelby, for C2 
Get it here
Hello......                                          1/25/02

Hey, this is roach i havent posted in awhile  but ive been really busy,  anyways ive been updateing the acura , almost all the modeling is done,  need to do allot of texturing though (blah) , i  will send an updated pic to
pcycomantis,  since i cant get it to work.  

Okay...                                           02/06/02

Not good news people. Carma2 just won't run on my PC. It did before. Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly. So until further notice, no more c2 skins from me. Also, there isn't much point in me updating here until I get c2 running again. So its goodbye for a while... sorry guys   

Wallace Deejay
news report

To get you back on track  what i have been oing lately...  I am currently experimenting with  3d max... some cars can come out soon.. so keep your eyes pealed...  And I changed my nickname so I'l be using different namen: Sgt. Extreme and Vampire...
                                  Sgt. eX/Vampire
And another yawn....                                3/2502

I case you are a dumbass we have pretty much closed down here.I've been busy with screwing girls and screwing around with my car mods.I dunno where thr hell they will be released but oh well.I promised Roach I'd finish skinning the Integra.I'll beging on that soon.Well we here at Bloody Cars need a new damn site and shit so this might be the last post here.So if you wanna help make a new site e-mail me.
It's been a while...                                       7/22/02

Ok... My Carma2 is running again. Has been for ages actually. I will make something soon. And upload it. You will like it. Yes you will!! I think I'm also gonna have a looksie under the hood here at Bloody cars and maybe move the site over to somewhere with decent bandwith and storage allowances. Maybe do a proper HTML redesign. I'll have to ok it with the team. I would like to see this place back again.
Wallace Deejay
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