The "Palestinians", The Self made "victims"

Enough is enough, Giving the prolong deception of this "creation" call "Palestinian victimhood".

Isn't it time we all expose the falsehood of it all, worse, the criminal history and present by the "Palestinian" leadership and masses to inflict themselves with, deaths and suffering?

Start by their beginning of this twisted chain from it's refusal to comply with UN's offer for a 2 state in 1948, followed by their adhering to Arab leaders to evacuate via spreading lies of "massacres" and arrogant racist promises to drive all the Jews to the sea.

Then, came al those years that their leaders refused to let Israel improve their condtions, as all Arab leaders, for not losing the "Palestinian" card -- 'oh, those poor Palestinians' -- in their anti-Zionist racist drive.

Of course we all know that their masses are just as guilty, and if anyone thought otherwise, came the swift overwhelming election - suuport of militant Hamas in 2005 - just as Israel made another sacrifice in Gaza, giving it away.

All those Arafat years of not standing up against his most evil form of child abuse, indoctrination of kids into the virus of extreme hatred, into the Satanic death cult, glorifying mass murder, suicide, homicide and genocide.

So is Arafat's continuing legacy of exploiting the young in the theater of war.
You almost want to scream when you see those little Arab children being put to hide adult shooters, "Where are your terrible parents"?
The other known term for the horrindeous self killing, self made massacres is of course: The "Intifadah".

The population's investment of all energy into hatred and terrorism, instead of rebuilding economy.

The very lergacy that is still on today, all in mind to continue to be the "victim".

Worshipping that sacred "image as a victim" to the cameras of the world, nothing is more important to them, next to massacring Jews.

Not one Arab nation wants them, Jordan is eager for a "settlement" because it does not want any more "Palestinians", Syria & Jordan just sloughteed them in the 1970, Lebanese are fed up with them, etc.

Instead of pointing fingers at humane Israel, that is the only country in the entire world that treats them with humanity, they better take a look in the mirror, for they have no better enemy than themselves.

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