The Arab Palestinians' biting the Israeli hand that feeds them
If you thought that the aftermath events, following Israel's extraordinary give away of Gaza to the "Palestinian" Arabs (2005) was a mere "incident", think again.
It was a metaphor.
I am referring of course to the "Palestinian" rampage in destroying the greenhouses donated by the good hearted Jews to the ungrateful Arabs, so they can improve their economy.
This self destruction that is so traditional all throughout history of the group of Arab people that started to call themselves "Palestinians" in the late 1960's,
It is not in vain that the 'Palestinian' situation is commonly known as self inflicted, that is an integral part in their cult of hate and fascistic demon-ization of the non Arab non Muslim - 'other' nation that helped/helps them, in other words, their bitter hatred & cult of death overshadows, erases any will to live, much less to enjoy.
It demonstrates:
Self infliction, self destruction.
Blind hatred greater than any mutual love or even most natural gratitude.
The sacred pathetic goal of being looked as "victim",  the cult of "victim-hood'.
Self "sacrifice" in demonizing (out of racism) the other "entity".
In fact, all throughout the years that the "Palestinian" Arabs call it "occupation", Israel has always tried to improve their situation, it was (and still is) the only nation in the entire Arabian middle east that treated/treats them with dignity, (trust me, you don't want to be a 'Palestinian' in Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.) other than fighting those bend on destroying Israel and those trying to mass murder.
The only question left of course is: 'why the mass media can't seem to blame the "Palestinian" Arabs for their situation they are in'.


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