"Palestinian" Savages - Arab Palestinian Savagery

Dealing with Savages... [July 19, 2008 ] Four times since 1948 the Arab countries have attacked Israel with the objective of exterminating every Jew who lived there. The result of these wars was defeat and for the Arabs and more-defensible borders for the Israelis. http://www.nowpublic.com/world/dealing-savages?page=1

Photos: Palestinian savages shoot, beat, stomp alleged collaborator http://hotair.com/archives/2006/08/14/photos-palestinian-savages-shoot-beat-stomp-alleged-collaborator/

The Palestinian savages threw stones at Jews because real weapons were hard to procure. The PLO knows what we all know; namely, that Olmert is afraid to ... http://atangledweb.typepad.com/weblog/2006/06/index.html

Palestinian Car Swarm WatchThere were no dead bodies in the car after today's failed missile attack, so raging Palestinian savages had to rip apart the car instead.



"Eating Jews"?

Hamas TV's 'Jew-eating' cuddly bunny 13 Feb 2008 ... VIDEO: A toy rabbit who vows to 'eat Jews' is being used on TV by Hamas to encourage Palestinian children to take up arms against Israelis.

February 12, 2008. Hamas Bugs Bunny Wants to "Eat the Jews" ... YET, the Palestinians say Israel violates the peace agreements. ...

Feb. 2008
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that he doesn't rule out ... Hamas rabbit to children: "I'll finish off the Jews and eat them!"

Hamas Bunny "I'll Eat Jews". Hamas has reached a new low in its cartoon ... hate and violence,"


"Drinking Blood"

PMW - Latest Bulletins One message was for Jews, whose blood Hamas promises to drink until Jews "leave the Muslim ... To view the Hamas' Drink Jew's blood video click here ...

Hamas in its own words One message was for Jews, whose blood Hamas promises to drink until Jews "leave the Muslim countries," and the second to a mother, as she helps dress her ...

Jihad Watch: Hamas Video: We will drink the blood of the Jews 15 Feb 2006 ... One message was for Jews, whose blood Hamas promises to drink until Jews "leave the Muslim countries," and the second to a mother, ...

J. Grant Swank, Jr.: HAMAS DRINKS JEWS' BLOOD DRY Trust Hamas? "We are a nation that drinks blood. "We will drink the blood of Jews until we have quenched our thirst with your blood - until you leave the ...

HAMAS: 'We will drink the blood of the Jews' - The Video :: Middle ... 15 Feb 2006 ... (via Palestinian Media Watch) The Hamas website this week presented the parting video messages of two Hamas suicide terrorists.

Blood on his hands, a Palestinian savage waves to the crowd after lynching innocent Israeli FATHER to death--see below.

...another Palestinian savage

...no shame


Savage "palestinians" cheer for massacre -Palestinians celebrate in the streets of Gaza City after news spread about gunman who fired into crowded Jerusalem rabbinical seminary, slaughtering eight students, wounding nine.

More about 'Palestinian' Arab Muslims crimes no their own people:

Bragging and Displaying bodyparts of murderd Israelis

  • Palestinian Car Swarm Watch... that human-beings find repulsive. 'car swarms' are simply more proof of palestinian animalism. the palestinian is truly a sub-human species...
  • A day after members of Palestinian factions mutilated the bodies of six IDF ... and heinous animalism, is by their CULT rather a pride and "celebration"...
  • Washing Jihadi CRIMES with the "Palestinian" CRIME? 11) "Palestinian" unique ANIMALISM, the "way" the "Palestinian" savages kill (example: Life & Death in the Jungle
  • The Palestinian Problem And then some Palestinian animals go and murder a pregnant Israeli woman and her four daughters and I feel that trying to talk to these people is pointless...
  • Islamist group CAIR�s propaganda jihad Going after Don: Palestinians Called �Filthy Animals�
  • Because they (the so called 'palestinians') need a Zoo keeper
  • R.O.P., Palestinian Savages update (08, 2006)
  • palestinian Animalism
  • Hamas teaches kids to 'eat Jews'
  • 'Palestinian' "street justice" system, their crimes on their own people: 'Palestinians' Killing 'Palestinians' Proof of War Crimes Lynch

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