The "objectivity" of media stationed at dangerous undemocratic places like "Palestinian areas"
The problem of trust in journalism - journalists situated in dangerous zones, where they are dictated to 'live' (or die...) by and report by the dictatorships they are located at.
Watching CNN Correspondents [ Nov. 14, 2008], there was a report (regarding the Congo war / genocide) about journalists in Africa having to pay large sums to get access, explaining why certain journalists allied to be with bad guys.
(such as being associated with Nkunda the butcher (D.R. Congo: Arrest Laurent Nkunda For War Crimes - Portrait of a Laurent Nkunda, the happy killer from the Congo National Post, Canada - Nov 6, 2008 You don't often get good pictures of maniacal butchers any more, but here's a great shot of General Laurent Nkunda, leader of the National Congress
More worrisome was the description of a mafia like environment, where such thugs provides "security" for journalists, with all the terrible implication this "protectionism" entails.
The question is of course how can anyone take a "report" seriously when it's done by those stationed in the terrorist no-law land like west bank & Gaza at 'Palestine' terrorizing authority, imagine if you could have obtained a recording where the PA authority (that has a bloody history of threatening journalists foreign or even 'Palestinian' ones) tells Ben Wederman of the CNN openly and bluntly: 'You better report in the "strict" line of our propaganda only, or else you have no place here!' alternatively, how can any logical person not prefer a report done by the Israeli democratic free press side?

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