Because Arab - 'Palestine" is worse than any "apartheid", because Arab - "Palestine" means Genocide

Because Arab - 'Palestine" is worse than any "apartheid", because Arab - "Palestine" means Genocide

When will matter win over theater? reality over fantasy?

Enough of the games of silly definitions, of sheer absurdity, slanderous attack, smear campaign over & over again, time for assessment of reality, clarity amids confusion, calling a spade a spade.

I wonder when some in the UN will finally break away from the mighty grip of Arabian oil lobbyists mafia giants (Kofi Annan's legacy) forcing/pushing as to what should be an "agenda" or even a "burning subject" on the UN's diary, no matter how silly the "accusation" are & finally talk about real issues of real culprits.

Leave aside the "toy" 'apartheid' coined by the "Palestinian" drama-queens that grew into an all out Arabian Goliath propaganda machine, the criminal -- not only ridiculous -- slur on a people that merely try to survive against Arabs' genocide campaign since 1920. (yes, that's right, long before the "occupation" & other excuse were invented).

More importantly this serious question is to those robotic-echoing the "apartheid" slur without even thinking.

What does the overwhelming support among "Palestinian" Arab-Muslims for Hamas & it's genocidal ideology tell you?

Does this mean that only the "Palestinian" leadership is so evil in-fascism or is it that most "Palestinians" are no better?

Now try as hard as you can comparing the harsh reality & vivid campaigning from the Arab Muslim "Palestinian" side VS the Israeli struggle against terrorists on the other.

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