The mass Kidnapping, Intimidation of the death cult "palestine" Ironic Palestinian Kidnapping Watch The Politics of Intimidation: Kidnapping... (2007) Gaza area has seen 15 journalists abducted since 2004: CPJ research (April 2007) UN aide attacked in Gaza (March 16 2007) IDF warns against hitchhiking, citing terror kidnapping alerts ... (April 2007),7340,L-3347997,00.html Gaza infighting: 5 killed, 10 kidnapped (January 2007) Palestinians Kidnap Israeli-Arab in Gaza April 8, 2007 Palestinians kidnap BBC reporter Jerusalem Post (April 2007) Palestinian Gunmen Kidnap French Civilians in Gaza GAZA (Reuters) - Masked Palestinian gunmen kidnapped three French civilians in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis Friday (July 16 2004) Palestinians Kidnap two Fox News Reporters: Reuters Spins It ... (2006) Palestinians kidnap Italian journalist in Gaza (Sep, 2005) Palestinians kidnap UK Human Rights Workers [Archive] (Dec. 2005) Palestinians kidnap Steve Centanni(2006) Fox News Journalists Kidnapped in Gaza,2933,210645,00.html Captors Release Two FOX News Journalists Kidnapped ... Olaf Wiig and Steve Centanni were released Sunday, after nearly two weeks ... "We were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint," Centanni told FOX News Palestinian gunmen release US student after 24 hours - Independent (2006) GAZA, Palestinian gunmen kidnapped a Spanish photographer working for the Associated Press in Gaza, keeping him captive nearly 13 hours before pressure from Palestinian officials secured his release. Emilio Morenatti, 37, was grabbed by four (October 2006) Update: Kidnapped Spanish Aid Worker Released In Gaza (October 30, 2006) PALESTINE: News photographer kidnapped in Gaza City Reuters AlertNet - Photographer, Palestinian gunmen abducted in Gaza... held a Spanish aid worker and a photographer working for the Associated Press ... Palestinian militants release U.S. hostage abducted in NablusPalestinian militants release U.S. hostage abducted in Nablus [Michael Philips] abducted in Nablus (2006) Hunt for kidnapped Egyptian diplomat [by Palestinians] (Feb 2006) Following the raid, armed Palestinians kidnapped at least nine foreigners in the West Bank and Gaza. (March 15 2006) Israeli physician kidnapped, murdered ... (July 2006) Peruvian Journalist [Peruvian photographer Jaime Razuri] Is Seized in Gaza (January 2 2007)


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