The term Jeninitis, or Jenin Redux [1] has been used in the blogsphere [2] [3] [4] [5][6] to Palestinian Islamists' staged "massacres" as part of an industry of lies, a network of drama fabrication better known as "Pallywood" [7]. It specifically refers to the inflating numbers of casualties to enhance the effect. In (IDF's anti terror operation at) Jenin 2002 the Palestinian Arabs initially claimed there were around 500 or more dead [8], at the end it turned out to be a hoax, they also dug out dead bodies from graves for this purpose [9] [10] .

In Gaza's cast lead operation by Israel on Hamas' Jihadists, where the Islamists used human shields to cause Arab civilian deaths [11][12] [13][14] (just like Hezbullah did in Lebanon 2006 [15][16][17][18][19][20] [21]), there were also conflicting information on actual numbers, a doctor in Gaza argued that the Palestinians inflated the numbers by about double [22] [23].

On March 2009 it was more revealed at Reuters news that 'Israel's Gaza toll far lower than Palestinian tally', far more armed fighters and far fewer Palestinian civilians were killed during its 22-day offensive in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip in January than reported in widely-used Palestinian figures, and that there was so far no adequate ethical code of war "to regulate the war on terror" in which "amoral" adversaries flouted the rules of war and used human shields (by the Arabs) with total indifference to human suffering. [24]


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