How they dealt with the lying Muslim-Arabs in Israel the holyland, at that time...

At the time of the Ottoman empire, there were already Arab-Muslims that tried to ¨claim¨ the land of the Jews to themselves.

The Arab Muslim Representative claimed that Arabs were before the Jews there, as well as about Muhammad being in Jerusalem (though only in his dream... as Muhammad decided to write in HIS Quran).

The ridiculous argument went so far that the Arab even denied the biblical history in order to base his claims.

The main focus was of course on the wailing wall - the area where the Jewish temple was more than 2,000 years ago.

The argument arrived to the Pasha who was the Ottoman Turkish governor at that time.

When the Jewish representative came along the Arab rep. the Jew took off his shoes at entering the Pasha's place.

The Arab took the advantage to bash the Jew that he doesn't respect the governor, which is why he is without shoes and carries them along in his hands, at such a form he stands before the governor?

The Pasha asked the Jew why?
The Jewish rep. replied:
'Dear Pasha, we know the story of mount Sinai, when the Almighty told Moses the prophet: ¨Take your shoes off Moses you're on holy ground Holy ground¨. But it doesn't mention what happened to the shoes afterwords, Did Moses put them on right after, or else?
Well, we know that there was an Arab that robbed, took aways Moses' shoes, since then, Dear Pasha, I have to be careful on my shoes as I am walking with an Arab along side me.

The pasha asked the Arab to respond to his defense, the Arab jumped and said:
'What does the Jew talk about? there weren't even ANY Arab at that time in the whole area!'

The Pasha said, you just admitted it!The Pasha said, you just admitted it!


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