Does Iran have "disputed territories" with Israel? -- How he exposes the real "cause" for anti-Israelism = Pure Fascism

Does Iran have "disputed territories" with Israel?

Tell me something I don't know about the middle eastern map, are they even neighbours???(unless you consider the invasion by Iranian proxy Huzbullah as part of the Mahdi global Islamist Iranian long bloody hand...).

So let's say one is brainwashed by the "Palestinian" Arab propaganda, and doesn't want to realize that anti Israelism in the Arab world is in the root of their intolerance of non Arab Israel than any "policies" Israel takes or takes not in their self defense.

Say, one doesn't know that Arab "Palestinians" are mostly third genertaion in Israel - holyland area, or "Palestine" as the area (not a country - ever, was called), and that before the Arab immigration into the land, the land was mostly deserted (as Mark Twain testified in the late 1800's), and that way before that -- as we all know -- only Jews lived there, historically.

Say one doesn't know that terrorism started long before the so called "occupation", and that Arabs started killing Jews (mainly) since the 1920's.

Say one doesn't know that Jewish refugees chased out from Arab countries were far greater than the Arab "Palestinians" (then called just plain Arabs) that left mainly at urgent calls by Arab leaders that "promised the victory in pushing all the Jews to sea...".

Say one doesn't know the full logical understanding all Israelis take the checkpoints they are subjected to, which are only for security reasons of course, but Arab "Palestinians" make an "oppression" out of it.

But sure when it comes to that far away Islamic radical enemy claiming to have a beef with Israel, where?, what? upon what?
When did Israel ever attack Iran?
Is Iran claiming Israel's land too?
Of course they would love to, they would love to have the entire world, including the land beneath the appeasers that turn away their ears when you tell them that when Islamic Hitler says he wants to "talk" he means 'buying time.

The only conclusion, even the most Arabist or ignoran-on-the-middle-east must come to:

Pure Facism on non Muslim Israel in the middle east, take it from the horse's mouth, when he talks about "Europeans putting Jews in the middle of the Muslkom world", not what the lunatic think about history, but his plain facsistic view, 'no place for non-Muslims', especially "among us Muslims".
Now, once one get that inevidable undisputed conclusion about Iran, one can only get a step ahead and quite easily understand why Hamas, the one that officially wants a genocide on all Israelis and does not give Israelis the right to exist, they have become mainstream among Arab "Palestinians" just as Israel sacrificeed so much and gave the Gaza -land, because it's not really about "land".


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