Warning: The danger of portraying  the Islamic "Palestinians" aggressors as "victims", the genocidal thugs as "poor innocent"


Not only is it untrue to talk about those Islamists ['Palestinian' or Iranian leadership and it's Hezbollah global Mahdi army * * * * * *] seeking to annihilate the Jews as if they have some "political issue" or "resistance", but it's simply extremely dangerous, as Islamic fascism uses the 'Palestinian victim hood' myth as an excuse to hit.

Please do not help Jihad by justifying mass murder of the innocent!

 * if you are unaware of the tricks [like using human shields, etc.] radical Islamists [Arab 'Palestinians' * * or Hezbollah *] are using in order to make sure that their kids die so that Israel gets tarnished, get informed, but don't bash Israel the real victim.

* Ever wanted how desperate they are for you to see them as "victims" that they will bring about their own children's death? Why do you think do they have the custom of shooting out of densely populated civilian areas, firing behind their kids' little shoulders or hiding under women's skirts? *, *, *, *, ** If you don't know that the Arab 'Palestinians' are no more a generation or two away from Arab settlers, immigrated into Israel 'Palestine' * , check out the facts but don't keep buying 'Palestinian' lies as if they are "natives for thousands of years".

* If you don't know that the Arab racists started massacring the Jews in Israel - 'Palestine'  already at the turn of the century *, *, study the history of the region instead of copying 'Palestinian' propaganda as if the 'problem started in 1948'.

* If you really believe the images & stories coming out of 'Palestinian' sources as "fascts", than you don't know about Pallywood *, *, * booming industry.

* If you fail to see that the goliath Arab Muslim world controls the international decisive organizations such as the U.N. * * and others via oil, economic power and terror tactics, ask yourself the constant persecution of racist boycotts and "condemnations" on anything Israel does to defend itself from murderers terrorists, comparing all that to the silence on 'Palestinians', leadership, teachers, imams and parents crimes on their own people in  leading them to a radical Jihad death cult.

* Why is it still a PC to sing that song: 'oh those poor Palestinians' [thus 'make their day' for ruthless terrorists]? When will we see the mainstream (biased *) irresponsible media finally recognize that: the Muslim 'Palestinians' have no one but themselves to blame for their self destructive, self inflicted wounds,since 1948 *, and still recenly *, * by choosing 'victim-hood' status over advancement, bigotry over recognition of the 'non Muslims', 'non Arabs' Israelis to exist, teaching their kids *, [The Indoctrination of Palestinian Children to Seek Death] hatred instead of peace & harmony, Death; Suicide & Genocide - how to die and murder instead of how to live?

* If you don't know about the Arab lobby control over policy, be surprised how the Goliath Arab Muslim lobby is powerful. *, *, *, *, *, *

* If you thought it's just a small minority that is so evil among 'Palestinian' Atab Muslims, think again, Friday, February 16, 2007 NEC 12-15 February Poll: 75% of Palestinians do not think that Israel has the right to exist, Poll: Most Palestinians think Hamas should not recognize Israel ...[19/09/06], Fatah leaders appeared on TV praying in the mosques even when the sermons delivered preached genocide. Islamic education was given prominence in the PA's school system... FATAH'S RELIGIOUS pretense was so successful that it Islamicized its own people, especially Palestinian youth.
In a March 2005 poll, 70 percent of Palestinians preferred Islamic law, Shari'a, to the laws of the PA parliament. Less than a year later, in January 2006, Hamas completed its journey from a fringe movement to the Prime Minister's Office. The push by Arafat and Abbas to make religion a dominant motivation behind the war with Israel had been more "successful" than they could have anticipated.

Yes, it's mainstream and majority of Islamo Arab "Palestinians" that is so terrible!

* If you don't know that the Islamo Arab coward attackers [of little heroic Israel] always called to annihilate Jews ['Itbach al Yahud'  * - their slogan since the 1920's, 'throwing them into the sea' - in the Arab Israeli wars *, 'wiping off' *, *, *, *, *, *, *] than you don't know the first thing Israel is 'fighting for', survival of course.

For truth and justice sake and for survival against terrorism - Do not play into Islamofascism's propaganda hands.

Ultimately it's for anyone's survival too -  * ,*, *, *, *, (Hamas reiterates goal of world domination by Islam - annihilation, ) totalitarian Islamification of everyone else.


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