How the CNN & WP Legitimize murdering little chidren (by racist Arabs) on the basis of their origin - "occupation" crap
April, 2009
Regardless of the facts that most Palestinian Arabs are children or grandchildren of immigrants from surrounding middle eastern countries, the term "occupation" has been used by Arab leaders to wage genocidal wars since the 1960's, never mind that the racist attacks on Jews started long before that 1960's occupation excuse, in the 1920's in particular (with clear declarations of "driving all Jews into the sea, "Itbach al Yahud" - AKA Kill Jews, wiping off map, you name it) .
Take a look at the difference in news reporting between the following sources, and how the radical left wingers 'terror-appeasers' CNN & WP "report" it.
Palestinian kills Israeli teenager with pickax Apr 2, 2009 ... Play Video AP – Israeli 13-year-old killed by ax in West Bank ... were arrested over a botched 2002 bombing on an Arab girls' school in Jerusalem. ... claimed responsibility for the attack in an e-mail sent to the AP. - Israeli Youth Killed in West Bank Ax Attack ...Apr 2, 2009 ... Israeli Youth Killed in West Bank Ax Attack, A Palestinian killed an ... Israeli media broadcast pictures of the body of 13-year-old Shlomo Nativ, ...,2933,512147,00.html
Israeli Youth Killed By Axe-Wielding Palestinian Attacker On ...An axe wielding Palestinian attacker has killed a 13-year-old boy and wounded a ...
1 dead, 1 critical in occupied West Bank attack - The CNN Wire ...Apr 2, 2009 ... suspected Palestinian attacked two people in the occupied West Bank Thursday with a “sharp object,” killing a 13-year-old ... the attacker was wielding an axe. ... Suspect in girl’s death reported suitcase missing ...
Young Settler Killed In West Bank Attack - Apr 2, 2009 ... A Jewish settler holding a girl looks at looks at Israeli soldiers ... Israeli soldiers gear up outside the West Bank Jewish settlement of Bat ... JERUSALEM, April 2 -- An attacker with an ax killed a 13-year-old boy and ...
Unlike their counterparts, Israeli Jewish kids are NOT used as shields to cause their deaths, but are targeted routinely by Arab Muslims purely simply because they belong to Jewish roots (try to get the UN against racism in Durban to pass a resolution 'Arab terror = racism!'. that is if the UN can get off its shackles of Arab oil lobby..
How on earth can anybody buy Jihadists' propaganda that they target little kids with axes, knives, machine guns, Qassam-missiles, suicide-bombings, as  "protesting the occupation"?


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