General Anti-Zionism = racism, Orthodox Anti-Zionism = piety!
Those that try to confuse
conventional hateful dirty racist anti-Zionism
with the pure Ultra Orthodox Jewish pious Talmudic anti-Zionism
Let's put it this way, there is as much "common ground" between these two separate anti-Zionism, as any "bond" a Nazi can have with a Jew.
When the famous Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. clarified that anti-Zionism is racism, he was as right on target as the rest of his famous lines on racism as a whole.
The cynical use by racist anti-Zionists of ultra-religious-Jewish anti-Zionism is one of the most misleading treacherous campaign they conduct, let's just say that ones that call for a new Holocaust, such as Iranian leader : M. Ahmadinejad (2006), would be willing to let a few orthodox Jews to survive in "exchange" for not being seeing as the Hitler he is, in his open plan to wipe off all of Israel.
Anti-Jewism's modern name is Anti-Zionism
While Zionism is nothing more than the right of a nation to come back to it's historic homeland (and providing refuge also for Jews facing persecution, to go to their only exclusive country), it has been demonized by both, Islamic militants & Nazis, to justify their war on the Jews only to wage their hateful facsist campaign under a more convenient - thus deceiving - banner of 'Anti-Zionism', since being openly anti-Jews is not popular any more, the wrapping of this evil under a "political' issue might help them disguise their hidden devious war on all Jews.
All criticism on how it handles terrorists that are bend on genocide on Israelis, have been used to bash 'Zionism', still, it can never change the original simple basic human idea.
The unique anti-Zionism by the pious
However, anti-Zionism that of Ultra Orthodox Jews, is more of a pure ideological side, these highly religious highly pacific Talmudic Jews have a problem with 'taking manners in their own hands', oppose any aggression and provocation, while the vocal orthodox against Zionism are active publicly and considered fevered anti-Zionists, most orthodox Jews in Israel are more of a form of passive non-Zionists, as they don't even serve in Israel's IDF army, one of the major reasons is, not to engage in ANY violence, they say it DOES effect you even if you are only trying to defend yourself.
For the record, the Zionists that were involved in re-establishing the 'Jewish-State' in 1948 as well as prior actions towards it, were almost all secular-Zionists, the ultra religious anti-Zionist Jews tried to appease the Arabs.
It would be more fare to say that Zionism (& it's argument) is based more on history and the Bible, whereas Jewish anti-Zionism is based on the Talmud interpretation of it.
Whichever way you see it, this dispute in ideology has nothing to do - of course - with haters' campaign masked under an 'anti-Zionism' rope.


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