The Arabs that Pushed us to war in Iraq, Where are they now?

Iraqi refugees hope for US strike

Iraq exiles back Blair's stance 18 February, 2003

An Egyptian Columnist Attacks Pro-Iraqi Arab Lobby (so there is an Arab Lobby pro Iraq war...)

Arabs, not Jews, driving Bush�s Iraq plans� (2002)

Iraqi refugees now in the US are united by tragedy, hatred of Saddam Hussein ... Give us the temporary support we need (1998)

Arab states have escalated their attacks on Iraqi President Saddam ... "There is no shred of support for Saddam anywhere in the Arab scene," (1999)

Several Arab nations will support war on Iraq (9/23/02) The UAE supported the U.S.-led War on Terror and the initial military ... have Iraq placed under the tutelage of the United Nations (UN) and the Arab League ...

Iraqi Pupils in U.S. Deal With Mixed Reactions, Emotions "I tell him what Saddam did to us, and why I'm here as an Iraqi who left behind ... "American Schools in Middle East Keep a Wary Eye on War," April 2, 2003. ...

Anti-war protesters have no idea: refugee A Sydney Iraqi family has slammed ongoing Australian anti-war protests, saying demonstrators have no idea who or what they are campaigning for.

_______________ Above are just a few examples, though it is true that most Arab leaders never cared about the suffering of their brothers in Iraq, but the minority that did push for the war, where are they now??? I am tired of seing the Arab world's all-of-a-sudden so cowardly change of tune and backing off of US' war in Iraq.

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