In Arabists' rule - Apparently, If you attempt to defend yourself against racist Arabs you are 'the racist'
No surprise that the Arabist BBC would highlight an anti-Jewish Arab-Israeli  racist organization that --so cynically-- documented 'how Israelis fear of Arab terrorists' & used it to label it "racism".
The thing is is that Israeli Jews with its super high morality & Jewish guilt feels knoced by it.
This cruel exploitation of  kind Jews' emotions is always part of Arab racism, they sure know how to use it, and take advantage of it, the next Israeli gesture which amounts to less security measures where needed, is their fruit.
What more can Arab racists wish for? lowering safety for Israelis, increasing danger to innocent non Arabs [Jews] and still having them defamed as "racists".
Far Left Group 'Documents' Israeli (so called) "Racism"
Dec 12, 2007
The second point is that the same survey supposedly collected for ACRI asked no questions about Arab racism against Jews. How curious. ...'Documents'_Israeli_Racism.html


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