Arab anti-Jewish propaganda 
JCPA About JCPA-Anti-Semitism among Palestinian Authority AcademicsThe Palestinian Authority's academic anti-Semitism has built an extensive case against Jewish existence
Palestinian Anti-Semitism. 
Columbia to investigate charges of anti-Jewish intimidation by Arab professors
By Israel Insider staff and partners  October 29, 2004
Arabs and Muslims and the old, the new anti-semiticism
   by Craig Read  
Islamic anti-semitic, Jew-haters are creative sorts. No sooner does one insane allegation against the Jews appear, than it has to give way for a newer and even more twisted anti-Jew message. Not content with Koranic vitriol and racism; Arabs and Muslims in the modern age have created entire industries dedicated to Jew hatred and denigration. Instead of building peaceful economies, it is easier, at least from the Arab-Muslim mindset; to build a complex of Jew hatred.
May 5, 2008 ... PC(USA) Interfaith Office Acknowledges Anti-Jewish Motifs and Stereotypes in Commentary About Arab-Israeli Conflict ...
The Arab delegates talk of racism. What has happened to the 800000 Jews who ... today contemplate an Arab society which teaches the vilest anti-Jewish hate ...
Arab anti-Jewish racism in the first half of the 20th century
A scene from Egypt's anti-Jewish TV extravaganza Horse without Horseman
Killing Jews In Israel
This is racism, pure and simple. And despite efforts by supporters of Palestinian terrorism to justify the murder of innocent civilians as national liberationor by any other euphemism, this case proves that the Palestinian terrorists targeting of Jews and only Jews - as many as possible - is little different in intent than othher forms of lethal or exterminatory anti-Jewish murders (I dont use the term anti-Semitic only because some Arabs claim that because they too are Semites, they cant be anti-Semitic). Obviously the numbers are different, because Israel is capable of defending its Jewish citizens, but if it were not, the goal of Palestinian terrorist groups would not be very different from that of previous groups intent on murdering as many Jews as possible.
The websites of various Palestinian terrorist groups proclaim - usually only in English and almost never in Arabic - that they have no quarrel with the Jews,only with the Zionists. Yet they target every Jew, regardless of his or her individual political views, and they apologize when they accidentally kill a non-Jew, regardless of his political views. The racist acts of these terrorist groups speak louder than their sanitized English-only anti-Zionist websites.
Propaganda in Syrian and Hezbollah Media Blatant anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic Syrian- produced propaganda ... by Mohammed Kishk entitled “ Terrorist Orientation and Racism in Zionist ...
Confronting Reality: Anti-Semitism in Australia Today - Jeremy Jones Arab and Muslim Groups. Some of the most overt anti-Jewish rhetoric in recent .... to refuse to allow racist and anti-Jewish groups to hire their premises, ...


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