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Comments : ;we looked on your site to identify a turtle we found in our pool near a pond on a small golf course in kenner, louisiana..we put it in the pond and it swam away...we are not sure which one it is, but really enjoyed looking at all the great pictures and re
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Comments : Thank you for this site. I have a two year old and a snake was in his little wading pool. Your site help me identify the snake.
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Comments : very informative text & beautiful pics but could use more especially of the poisonous ones; close ups of the coral snakes to better distinguish the two species
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Comments :   Great information. We keep this site bookmarked, ready for snake identification. I was able to save the lives of many snakes using the infomation to stop neighbors quick to kill a snake with a shovel! Mandeville
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Comments : thanks for putting this up, i have a friend in Slidell that is having a major problem with snakes of all types I sent him the link
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Comments : very informative,glad 3 we found this a.m.was a garter snake and not a moccasin as I feared. People that are traumitized as I am by snakes will thank you too.
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Comments : ;Excellent website! This type of info is lacking at every major LA wildlife, zoo, or La Gov websites. You should definatley back this up !
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Comments : I really appreciate this site. I had a snake in my bathroom and this site helped me identify what it was. I know it says that the Slowinski corn snake is in central Louisiana, but that is the type of snake was in my bathroom. I live in Houma, Louisiana, w
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Comments : Thank you very much for providing this info. We just had a run in wtih the second of two snakes in our yard in three weeks. We have two small children and the first was a water moccasin, I think the one we saw today was an eastern yellow belly. Thanks aga
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Comments : Great snake information. Live in northeast Louisiana, killed two copperheads this afternoon. Thanks to you, I identified them in quickly.
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COMMENTS : Thanks, I identified a king snake by using this site. My cat was trying to eat it, but it was saved and released where it was safe.
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COMMENTS : I will return every time we find another snake in my yard. It was very helpful in findingout what kind of snake it was. it was a speckled king snake. Thanks
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COMMENTS : I found a snake in my neighbors yard that had been either run over with a lawn mower or killed with a shovel. Ive got pictures of it. Is there some way I can send them to you for an id? [email protected] -Ponchatoula
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