Rating: NC-17
Summary: An explanation of Mulder's sudden belief in 'miracles.' Arthur C. Clarke's second law in action. A bit of Mytharc in the guise of a case file. But in the end it's all about sex. Then again, what isn't? 
Archive: Archive this story. Read it. Sing it. Hell, yodel it if you want to. Send it to your friends and tell them you wrote it for all I care. I finally finished this story, which is all I really wanted to do.
Timeline: Mid season seven. 
Disclaimer: The X-Files belongs to Chris Carter, to whom I bear not even the slightest resemblance. I'm not making a dime - no one is crazy enough to pay for stuff like this.
Note: 'El Quinto Sol' means 'The Fifth Sun.' This story has taken longer to write than any of my previous attempts. If nothing else, it taught me persistence and put in to use research and extrapolative skills I haven't used since college. Both the Tantra and Seider are correct to the best of my knowledge.
Additional Note: Since I always write songfic, this story is no different. Songs mentioned in this story are LONG GONE by the now defunct LORDS OF HOWLING (from their album ALOHA BRO) and GOD SHIVA by MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO (from her album PEACE BEYOND PASSION)
Thanks to: MaybeAmanda - this story wouldn't be here without you, and you know it. I appreciate your friendship even more than your spectacular beta skills. (Just look at these gorgeous margins!!) And my husband, for playing sensitive, guilt-ridden, porn-star Mulder to my psycho Scully.
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