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Sources of Inspiration



Shri 1008 Naga Swami

Hari Shankar Giriji Maharaj

Hanumangarhi, Nepalgunj, Banke, Nepal.

OMSHRIONLINE.COM is a pure inspiration of Shri Rambhakta Hanuman and Shri 1008 Naga Swami Hari Shankar Giriji Maharaj. The purpose of this website is to explain Hindu Religion and Culture in-depth in terms of various deities, auspicious festivals and rituals etc.


This website is categorized according to names of Gods and Goddesses, Festivals, Temples and Pilgrimage etc. The Stotras (hymn of praise to the gods and goddesses) related to various Hindu deities such as ganesha, hanuman, bhairab, shiva, vishnu, ram, nawagraha, durga, laxmi, saraswati, bagalamukhi, manakamana, nawadurga are also available in this website. Procedure and Materials to carry out Mantras (chanting) and Stotras in MS Word format can be requested with us.


Shri Rambhakta Hanuman

Hanumangarhi, Nepalgunj, Banke, Nepal.


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