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World Winner-89 Of Leijliden Quella-Donna

Kennel  Of Leijliden
German & Miniature Pinschers & Schnauzers






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Head is the point for pinschers!
Finnish Champion Of Leijliden Gregory

  • My German pinscher progenitor dogs had basic German origin, in which Jutta Jung, used in recovery of the German pinscher breed, appears in fourth generation.
  • Combination Benno v. Allergrund (pedigree) - Julia (pedigree) I repeated in order to get many good individuals for further breeding, from which I could disperse breeding material into separate lines.
  • I have brought breeding material from Germany, Kennel Von Haingrabens Lord, Quency and Quino v. Haingraben, from France Inox de la Capelliere and from Denmark Vedhauge Kivi.
  • Today I´m making an effort to develop also the black colour in German pinschers and miniature pinschers as well.
  • My aim is to maintain the correct pinscher type, in which there is a correct shaped head and body structure in a mentally sound dog.

-Doris Leijonqvist-


Our team makes us happy with fantastic results:

  • Of Leijliden Arambo Photo
    Kouvola 2000 CAC BOB
    Porvoo 2001 CAC BOB
  • Of Leijliden Catalina Photo
    FinCH, CAC in Helsinki 2000 BOB, Kouvola 2000 BOS, Orimattila 2001 BOB
    Kotka 2001 BOB
    St.Pietari Int 2001 BOS CACIB CAC RusCH, Belye Nochi Winner
    Tuusula NordW-Show 2001 BB2 Res-CACIB
  • Of Leijliden Claudia Photo
    Eurajoki 2001 CAC BOB
    Tampere 2001 CAC BOB
  • Of Leijliden Daddy´s Girl Photo
    Fin&EstCh, CAC in Porvoo 2000, Tampere 2001, Kouvola 2001, Tallin 2001
    SSPK Club Specialty 2001 BOS
    Tuusula NordW-Show 2001 BB4
    Tallinna Int 2001 BOB CACIB CAC
    Lahti Int 2002 BOB CACIB
    Tallinn Int 2002 BOS CACIB
    St. Petersburg, Russia, Int 2003 BOS CACIB CAC Nevsky Winner-03 RusCH IntCH
  • Of Leijliden Dark Dracula Photo
    FinCh, CAC in Turku Int 2001, Tampere Int 2001, Tampere 2001
  • Of Leijliden Diamond Diana
    Lieto 2001 BOS CAC
  • Of Leijliden Frida
    Helsinki Int 2001 CAC
    Forssa Int 2002 CAC
    Hyvinkää 2003 BOB CAC FinCH
  • Of Leijliden Furry
    Oulu Int 2001 CAC
  • Of Leijliden Galaxina Photo
    St.Petersburg 03-2001 BOB-Puppy
    St.Petersburg 03-2001 BOB-Puppy, BIS2-Puppy
    St.Petersburg 05-2001 BOB-Puppy
    Moscow ISPU-SHOW 2001: BOB-Puppy
    Kaliningrad Int 2001 BOB-Puppy
    St.Petersburg 05-2002 BOB Champion of Russian Working Dog Federation
    Belye Nochi Int, St.Petersburg 06-2002 BOB CAC CACIB
    Kaliningrad Int 07-2002 BOB CAC CACIB
    Velikij Novgorod Int 08-2002 BOB CAC CACIB
    Minsk 09-2002 BOB CAC Belo-Russian Champion
    Festival Kinologii St.Petersburg 09-2002 BOB CAC
    Christmas Show St.Petersburg 01-2003 BOB CAC
    St.Petersburg Show Dog 2002-ranking: 9th place
    Kohtla-Järvi, Estonia 01-2003 BOB CAC Estonian Champion
  • Of Leijliden Grazia Photo
    Club Specialty 2002 BB4
  • Of Leijliden Harmoni
    Club Specialty 2002 BB3 CAC
    Oulu Int 2002 BB2 CAC Res-CACIB
    Seinäjoki 2002 BOB
    Turku Int 2003 BOS CAC CACIB
    Tampere Int 2003 CAC FinCHAMPION Res-Cacib
  • Of Leijliden Hendrika Photo
    Hollola 2001 BOS-Puppy

  • St.Petersburg Newsky Winner 2001 BOB-Puppy
  • Of Leijliden Hertzman Photo
    Hollola 2001 BOB-Puppy
    Helsinki Int 2001 JuniorWinner-01 CAC
    Lahti Int 2002 BOS CAC
    Hamina 2002 BOB
    Forssa Int 2002 BOB CACIB
    Turku Int 2003 BD2 CAC Res-CACIB
    Tampere Int 2003 BOS CAC FinCHAMPION CACIB
    Ståckholm SSPK Specialty 2003 CAC S CH
    Västerås Int 2003 BOB CACIB
    St. Petersburg Int 2003 ResCACIB CAC RusCH IntCH
    Turku Int 2004 BD4 Res-CACIB
    Porvoo 2004 BOB
    Helsinki Int 2004 WINNER-04 BOB CACIB
  • Of Leijliden Izellah Photo
    Lohja 2002 BOS CAC
    Porvoo 2004 BB2 CAC
    Helsinki 2004 BOB CAC FinCH
  • Of Leijliden Julia Photo
    Tallin Int 2002 Junior-CAC
    Espoo SSPK 2003 CAC
    Helsinki SSPK 2003 CAC
    Lohja 2003 BOS CAC
    Porvoo 2003 CAC
    Turku Int 2004 BB2 ResCACIB CAC FinMVA
    2nd Club Specialty 2004 BB2
  • Of Leijliden Little Sniff
    Barcelona EV 2004 European Junior Winner-04
    2nd Club Specialty 2004 CAC
    Helsinki Int 2004 CAC
  • Of Leijliden Nefertiti Photo
    Hyvinkaa 2004 BOB-Puppy
    Riihimaki 2004 BOB-Puppy
    Lahti 2004 BOB-Puppy
    Jyvaskyla KV 2004 BOB-Puppy
    Helsinki Konala 2004 BOB-Puppy
    Espoo 2004 BOB-Puppy
    Helsinki Arabia 2004 BOB-Puppy
  • Of Leijliden Nora
    2. Club Specialty 2004 BOB-Puppy BIS4-Puppy
  • Of Leijliden No Speed Limits Kuva
    Leppavirta 2003 BOB BOB-Vet
  • Of Leijliden Ophelia
    Helsinki Int 2004 BOB-Puppy
  • Of Leijliden Quella Julia Photo
    St.Petersburg 03-2001 BOB RusCh
    Novgorod Int 2001 BOB CACIB
    St.Petersburg 05-2001 BOB-Vet BIS-Vet3
    St.Petersburg 05-2001 BOB-Vet BIS-Vet4
    Moscow ISPU-SHOW 2001 BOS, ISPU-Winner 2001,
    Champion of Russian Schnauzer-Pinscher Union
    Espoo Let´s go 2001 BOB BOB-Vet
    St.Petersburg Int Newsky Winner-2001 BOB-Veteran
    Helsinki Aptus Show 2002 BOB BOB-VET
    Helsinki Spring Show 2002 BOS BOB-VET
    Finnish Schnauzer-Pinscher Specialty 2002 BB2
    Tallinn Int 2002 BB2 Res-CACIB CAC Estonian Champion
    Tampere Int 2003 BOB-VET
    Hamina 2003 BOB BOB-Vet
    Helsinki 2003 BOS BOB-Vet
    Porvoo 2003 BOB BOB-Vet
    Veteran of the Year 2003, Finnish Pinscher Club
  • Pilsner Power-team in agility Photo
    Breed-Team members : Of Leijliden Best Design (Siru), Zarlino (Dino), Be My Best (Vilma) ja Quella Julia (Juli)
    Mikkeli Agi-Rotu 1999, 5.
    Vääksy Agi-Rotu 2000, ?. (Roke replaced Vilma)
    Lappeenranta Agi-Rotu 2001, 60.
    Janakkala Agi-Rotu 2002, 33.
    Jyväskylä Agi-Rotu 2003, 25. (Nappe replaced Juli)
  • The dogs will speak for themselves:

    International&Nordic Champion
    NordWinner-78-82 FinWinner-76-78-81-82
    Of Leijliden Norman

    International&Finnish Champion
    World Winner-89
    Of Leijliden Quella-Donna

    Int&Est&N&S Champion
    FinWinner-92-93 NordWinner-94
    Of Leijliden Leonardo

    Finnish Champion Of Leijliden Erno

    Finnish Champion Nightfall

    German pinscher - a versatile breed for many activities

    • easy-to-groom show dog
    • agile and long-lived agility dog
    • rights to participate in working dog competitions
    • obedience dog for a patient handler

    It´s easy to take a German pinscher to a dog show, because with his smooth hair he always looks neat. Anyway it´s necessary to train ring moving and posing. This can be done easily in unofficial match shows, that are often organized in cities. Before the show it´s recommended to check the dog´s nails, ears and teeth, sometimes even a bath is required.

    Int&NordChampion NordWinner-97
    Of Leijliden Prima-Donna

    In Finland German pinschers have participated in agility training since the beginning of the 90-s. The first finnish pinscher participated in official agility competition in 1992, this was Of Leijliden Wera, who also competed in obedience. In 1992 also started her official agility career Of Leijliden Quella-Julia and she is still going on in year 2000 with her age of 10.
    Agility team "Pilsner Power" with it´s four Of Leijliden-pinschers took part in a big agility event AGIROTU1999 and took the 5th place. In AGIROTU2000 there were already two and 2001 three pinscher teams - so it can be said, that German pinschers are capturing their place in Finnish agility.
    Finnish Pinscher Club founded a prize for "Agility Dog of Year" in 1998. First to get this title was Of Leijliden Quella Julia. In year 2000 title was awarded to Of Leijliden Best Design and 2001 to Of Leijliden Zarlino. Animation 1 Animation 2

    Of Leijliden agility pinschers in action

    Pinschers give their own colour to agility competitions with their joyful and brisk performances. When no faults are made pinschers always compete of the best placements because of their great speed. For the handler it´s not so easy to keep up with his pinscher...
    In year 2000 following pinschers have achieved Agility Certificate:

    • Of Leijliden Quella Julia "Juli"
    • Of Leijliden Zarlino "Dino"
    • Of Leijliden Be My Best "Vilma"
    • Of Leijliden Best Design "Siru"

    Agility Dog of the Year 1998
    by the Finnish Pinscher Club
    Fin&Rus&Est&RSPU Champion Finnsieger ISPU-Sieger2001

    Of Leijliden Quella Julia

    A German pinscher is suitable also for obedience training, because of it´s intelligence and eagerness to learn. Due to pinschers liveliness it´s important to train obedience only in small doses in order not to frustrate the dog. This requires a handler with lots of patience!

    Finnish Champion NordWinner-97
    Of Leijliden Qing Fransman

    Working dog
    The breed got rights to participate in the working dog competitions in the 90-s. Track, search or relay sound suitable for a German Pinscher. For the handler the hardest part may be the obedience test required for competition.


    "Pinscher is passionate both in love and hate."




    Kennel Of Leijliden
    Doris Leijonqvist
    Rautapolku 25 06150 Porvoo
    TEL. +358-19-654701, 0400-491489

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