Supermarket Shit -----------------

So I'm in the supermarket and I gotta take a shit, right? So I go to the store manager and say, "Yo! vest-boy, I gotta relieve myself by dumping." He's all, "Excuse me?" I'm like, "A dump...y'know shit?" He's like telling me how they only have rest rooms for employees. So I'm like telling him that I'm taking a dump in this store either in the bathroom or otherwise. So he's telling me to leave and I'm like not budging and I'm just waiting for him to touch me, y'know? So I provoke him a little by saying "Fuck You Faggot" and spitting and stuff. So then, finally, he grabs me by my arm and is like, 'let's go- time for you to leave,' and I grab his arm and twist it behind his back and then shove his face into the magazine rack. People start to gather around but I tell them to back off or I'll break his fucking neck. So now I got this whole crowd scene around me and the manager is crying and shit. I take out my pocket knife and cut him right under his eye, he let's out a pussy yelp, and then I shove him into the stacks of cereal and jump on top of him. I say, "Boy manager fag, my doody sure is pushing out..." He's all 'your welcome to use the bathroom' and I'm like it's too late for that puss boy... you're my bathroom now fucker! He's like asking people to call the police and I'm like shut up mother fucker or I'll slice your face apart. I begin to undo my belt buckle and people are like gasping- but no one has the guts to face me. Not since I hit that woman in the head with a can of tuna fish when she went to try to use the phone. So I yank my pants down and I'm standing there in my tighty whities. And I tell sissy boy to open his mouth- he's like begging me and shit- and I'm like 'open your mouth or I'll slice your fucking throat.' He slowly opens his mouth and I tell him if he closes his mouth or turns his head... he's dead. I drop my tighty whities. There I am- pants around my knees standing infront of a crowd of thirty or so stunned people, and I feel great. I warn him once more to keep his mouth open and then I unload. Large meaty logs fall into his open mouth as I grunt and fart them out. I keep warning him to keep his mouth open and tears are streaming down his face. Steamy long thick ones are tumbling out of my butt into his mouth filling it up and over onto his upper lip and nose. I fart the last one out then wipe my butt with his shirt. I spin around to face him and put my knife to his throat. I stare at him his mouth filled with my brown bombs and say, "OK Potsi.....chew." I go home that night, content, with empty bowels, a satified rage, and a beautiful night on God's earth under the universe.

the END

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