Death Comes to Riverdale

        One day Archie is walking down the street with Veronica and
     Betty and he suggested that they all get together and have a
     threesome.  Veronica is like 'no way', but Betty is all for it.
     They start to fight about it and call Veronica uptight.  She
     ignores them and gets in her sportscar and speeds off. Then
     Archie and Betty go fuck.
        The next day Archie finds out that Veronica gave Reggie a
     blowjob that night and he was really pissed.  So him and Jughead
     plot to kill Veronica because Archie didn't like the idea of
     Reggie's dick in Veronica's mouth.  They decide they're going to
     stab her like in the chest and kill her dead.  Then they would
     set up Moose to take the fall.
        That night Archie and Jughead went over to Veronica's house
     and saw that she was doing lesbo stuff with Midge (Moose's girl).
      They were like all 'Uhh...uh..' and all that.  So they climbed
     through the window and joined in on it.  Archie really didn't
     like the fact that Jughead was squeezing Veronica's tits but he
     was too busy giving it to Midge.  Just then, Moose busted through
     the door and screamed, "Duh... Midge you slut! Youre dead!! Duh!"
     And then he shot her dead.  He shot her five times in the chest
     and then shot Veronica in the head.  Then he turned the gun on
     Jughead and Archie who were naked on the floor stunned.  By this
     time their boners had gone down.  Moose said, "Duh! I need to
     know which one of you stuck it in Midge." Archie was like
     'Jughead did her, Moose! I never touched her! I swear!" So Moose
     shot Jughead in the nuts and then in the face.  Blood and brain
     splattered all over Archie and he started saying stuff like,
     "Take it easy! Moose...put down the gun...."
     Moose said,"Duh...Duh...DUH! DUH!" and then stuck the gun in his
     own mouth and blew out his brain.  Archie, scared out of his mind
     got up and started running for the door, but he slipped on a
     piece of brain and hit his head on the corner of a table and
     snapped his neck. As he lay their dying listening to the
     approaching police sirens. Reggie walked in the door and saw the
     horrible scene.  He said, "Oh my god! Veronica!" And he ran over
     and checked her pulse. After a second or two he smiled and said,
     "Thank God!....still warm..." And then he took out his wang and
     stuck it in Veronica even though she had a bullet in her head.
     "Uh...Ronny..." Reggie said.  And then Archie died watching
     Reggie's butt go up and down on Veronica.

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