Corroded Penis ------

Got me a corroded penis it's got warts and welts and sores
it oozes puss and green stuff Probably from all the whores
I took me lots medicine but it didn't do the trick
when I pull down my pants girls say..."Ew! Gross! Your prick!"
Got me a corroded wang it's permanently diseased
I won't take it out no more even if you say please
Soon I'm sure it will fall off right down on the floor
hopefully I'll grow another dick One without all the gore
My wiener is looking sickly and it makes me happy not
it's got stuff leaking out of it stuff that looks like snot
I went down to the hospital but they threw me out
they said my penis is way far gone gangrened there is no doubt
So don't go sticking your dick in girls without wrapping it all up
or you might end up on the street holding your crotch and a cup
Oh penis looking not so good slimey crusty & rotten
penis if you fall off of me you won't soon be forgotten


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