So I'm like reading this porno magazine in a strip bar and I'm all
oiled up, right? The bouncer guy comes up to me and he's all, "You
have to put on your shirt, sir..." And I'm like, "I ain't putting on
the motherfucker- you lunkhead dickstain cockfuck! I'm oiled! Oiled
up!" So he's all getting with the hostility and the grabbing shove
shove. But because I'm all slippery slick he can't get a hold and I
scamper off. Tables are tumbling around with the drinks splashing and
the people shouting with the bouncers chasing- but I came out to have
a good time tonight and I'll be a frigged dogboy if I don't get my
way. Fuck other people's good time- my good time comes first and it's
not like they ain't getting a good story to tell later anyway. So I
jump up on the stage and the bouncers are like grabbing at my ankles
but I rip away and land a ripe full-soled smashing kick right into his
goonface. His nose splats across his cheeks and then the blood flow
follows. Muffled screaming and all that. The other bouncers are
looking extra mad at this point and even the guys in the suits who act
the sophisticate have engaged themselves in the chase. The music
shuts down quick and the crowd is activated- some booing and some
cheering. I can see my skin glistening under the colored lights from
being heavily involved with the oil earlier. I take a good look
around at the crowd of drunks and I do a little shakey shake dance.
The bouncers are appearing to be bright red and murderous as they
clammer up onto the stage. Then I check out the girls who are now all
cowering in the corner who appear to have indulged in the act of oil
previous- cause I noticed up close that they got the glisten going as
well. I say,"Hey pretty doll, I can't help to notice that you are all
oiled like myself." And then I grab her round the waist and pull her
close. Our oil skin squeaks clean against each other and her breasts
are feeling surprisingly hard against my chest. I suspected the
implantations. So about this time I see peripherally this big fist
coming speeding at my face, I turn to look and it hits me head on
fully. I feel teeth flying against the back of my throat all
dislodged. And the blood is filling up my broken maw. Then a bottle
type object smashes down on my cranium causing the black cloud starts
to rumble thunder inside my brain. One more crack against the other
side of my head and I feel the short circuiting taking place and the
knees decide against working and then another smash brings the colors
to life. On the back of my eyelids I see pink and green and orange
lightning blasting bright. Eventually the lightning comes together to
form dancing human shapes and they do a sort of tango while it
electrifies my retinas. I watch the show on my eyelids as the meat
fisted blows rain down everywhere on me. The senses flow out of me
and all I see are the beautiful tango of lightning taking place before
my eyes. The dance is for me for me only. Me, the well-oiled one who
came to have a good time- but is leaving with a show better than any
hollow stripper swaying offbeat on a cheesy stage...

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