Normal Day Mutation

So I'm hacking up my neighbors dog "Muffy", right? It's like in so
many pieces that I decide to arrange them all to form the shape of an
"M" right on the owners doorstep. Then I ring the doorbell and hide
behind a hedge. When I hear the scream- I snicker away. I left the
collar hanging on the doorknob. The woman was all sobby sob. Oh
well. I go home and wash all the blood off and then watch TV and
forget about it. Then I go outside again and walk down the street. I
go up to an old lady and ask her how to get to the supermarket that
I'm standing right in front of. She- with her shakey arthritisized
hand points up at the Path Mark sign and says..."You're standing right
infront of it." And has herself a little old lady laugh. That's when
I piss in my pants. She hears the noise and looks down at the rapidly
spreading drippy stain forming on the front of my pants. She takes
her shakey arthritizied finger and points at my crotch. "Sonny, I
believe you're having and accident." I say "You don't know how right
you are!" I grab her wrist and pull her close then rub against her
with my urinified crotch making "uhh uhh" noises and all of that. She
like passes out dead away. I take off my jeans and peel off my tighty
whiteys as a crowd forms around my nakedness and the passed out
oldster. I gently lift the old lady's head and pull the wet urine
underwear over her head and snap it on. People are like all moany
groany and then I take my shirt off. Now I'm like all naked.
Then this guy who was inside the supermarket comes running out at me
and as he's running I can see that he's not a human but some kind of
octopus person because as he's running he's growing extra arms which
are all wiggily waggily all over uncontrollable like. This type of
thing is something I didn't need- especially with the nakedness that I
currently was wearing. Octopus person like leaps in the air at me and
I spin around to see the crowd looking all extra shocked. Then the
octopus person was on top of me holding my down and as I'm like all
yelly screaming- out the mouth of octopus person comes this purple
shiny slime which like spills out all over my face and I feel it like
attacking my cells and doing like a mutation thing and I feel the
whole structural thing inside altering and I become like this gelatin
with muscles and stingers and stuff and then the octopus thing looks
down at me and smiles with purple drippy face and I smile back. I'm
like this cool blobby thing which can move around and sting and
consume. That's when we both started attacking the crowd in our own
special mutated way. It's cool being made of jello and having like


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