A Fun Day in May ---------------

One day Johnny was in a mood. He was sitting in class half paying attention when he heard the teacher ask the class,"What year was the Civil War started?" Johnny was excited cause he knew the answer. He raised his hand and the teacher called on him. Johnny said, "Diarrhea puss from penis I met a girl her name was Venus She gave me chop suey in the kazooey white and black heart attack Ploppy crappy in the ditch cunt stale cocky cunt cunt witch I got the answer I knew it all day ax in face dog in hay Got me the brain like no one before your mom's a slut your mom's a whore now the answer and end the fun the civil war? eighteen six one." The teacher paused and said,"Very good Johnny that's correct... but what was all that other stuff you were saying?" "IT MEANS THIS!!!" Johnny screamed and out from his chest burst the horns of Satan soon to be followed by his red glowing mass. Johnny split in two like a pinched grape. Satan took a step out of the ripped chest and Johnny's body collapsed at the Dark One's feet. The Red Lord stood slouched nine feet tall. The class sat in stunned awe as Satan cleared his throat... "Achem..." Satan said... "check this out...." Satan pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his loin cloth, snatched one from the pack, and struck a match on the bottom of his foot. He lit the cigarette and announced, "Now you fuckers are all gonna pay..." He dropped the match- the fire sizzled for a second and then roared to life. It engulfed the class, the school, the town, the state, the country, and the whole world. The flames burning on the ocean floor rose straight out into the sky. Everyone toasted in agony and no one died. Even the fish were screaming. Satan, pleased with a job well done, grinned a happy grin, puffed on his cigarette, and watched the flaming children swing on the swing set in the schoolyard. Life was good.

the ends

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