Pee Pee and Doody get Married in the Toilet

It was a wonderful long awaited occasion. Everybody knew that Pee Pee and Doody have been together for a very long time and were hoping this day would eventually come. Finally a few weeks ago Doody splashed down in the toilet and said, "Pee Pee? Will you marry me?" Pee Pee crying her yellow tears of joy said, "Of course Doody! I love you!" Doody wept a brown hersheys kiss and said, "I love you too!" Pee Pee swirled all around the toilet making a little whirlpool of joy as Doody lay back and enjoyed the ride. The date was announced and the invitations were flushed to everyone (and anyone who is anyone in Toiletland was invited) –the honored guests included: Throw Up, Doo-Doo Wipe Toilet Paper, Used Bloody Tampon, Spit Gobber, Cigarette Butt, Diarrhea Splat Splat, Puss Covered Bandaid, and even Snotrag. The event was the closest thing to royalty Toiletland would ever know.

The day of the wedding was glorious. And all invited guests waited  for the arrival of Doody and Pee Pee. The stall was decorated tastefully with toilet paper- it was all very glamorous. The creak of  the bathroom door alerted the guests to quiet down as the arrival of the bride and the groom was close at hand. A few flies buzzed around overly excited for this emotional event and Throw Up shushed them up. Used Bloody Tampon wrapped her string around her in a fashionable twist and Doo Doo Wipe Toilet Paper was covered with brown smear hearts for the occasion.  Many guests were crowded around Snotrag to blow their noses and dry their tears as many were overcome by the beauty that surrounded them. The guests stared anxiously upwards as the room darkened and the butt covered the toilet sky. The butthole opened slowly and Doody emerged looking crisp and clean as any doody ever has. His doo doo skin was smoothed neatly and he was completely nut free. A
glistening handsome elegant deep brown ploppy that made the guests gasp in awe. Doody dove into the toilet splashlessly, twisted once and  then gently floated to the top. The guests made space for him as he waited impatiently for the arrival of his bride. Within moments Pee Pee sprayed down upon him in a steady graceful stream. She was beautiful and the full force of her yellow love was directed at only on Doody- they embraced each other lovingly and the guests expressed appreciative jealousy of the oneness they shared. The flush came all too soon and Pee Pee and Doody lead the way twisting through the exit to the reception deep in the bowels of the sewer system. Doody and Pee Pee were off to celebrate a life forever intertwined- radiating to all a security that in grand plan of life and love- some things are truly made to be.


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