Magic Man ---------

I'm like a funny magician right. I do tricks like you ain't never seen. Like I do kids parties right? and one time I stick my dick through my top hat and call up this little girl and tell her to get Mr. Snake she reaches in there and starts tugging and shit and she's like it's stuck it's stuck- all the kids are laughing but meanwhile I'm like getting ready to jism. Then the mom comes out and hits me on the head with a pan. That shit was funny too. Another time I had me a bunny rabbit and I showed it to the kids- then I stuck it in the hat and broke it's neck and shit then I ripped it's head off and threw it at the birthday girl. She was like screaming and shit. And I was laughing- then I took out my dick. That was a good show too. Taking my dick out is some funny shit. The surprise on their faces is better then any dumb rope trick. So anyway I'm at this party the other day and I tell the birthday boy to open his mouth and close his eyes and he'll get a big surprise and shit- so he does and I like piss all in his face and he's like coughing a spitting and shit crying about his eyes burning and I'm like shut up shut up all you fucking brats shut the fuck up! And they are all quiet and shit so then I have them take turns touching my wiener. They're like all crying and shit. Who says a magician can't take his dick out anyway? Magic and children go hand in hand and it's hand in hand over my dick until the mom comes and hits me on the head with a pan.

the end

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