Jimmy Cracked Head

So me and Jimmy are in the basement playing army man. He's the evil
arab and I'm GI Joe. Our fake guns clickity clack loudly and we act
out being shot. Eventually I get bored, grab a brick and threaten
Jimmy. He laughingly plays along with all "Oh no... please don't...
and I surrender!" I crash the brick down on the top of his head over
and over and over and over and over. His head splits in two as he
stutter screams and spits. He's like laying flat on the ground and I
put my hands inside his skull and around his brain. Then I put my
feet on his shoulders and tug out his brain. It snaps off of his
brain stem with a squirt of blood. It's slimy spongy and tastes odd
judging by the initial lick. My mom yells downstairs and asks if
everything is ok. I yell back "You tell me..." She comes clomping
downstairs and sees the brained Jimmy corpse and me holding out the
brain to her like a gift. She seems very shocked. As I sink my teeth
into the brain, I watch her eyes kinda rotate outward. I pull off a
hunk of brain and chew slowly- feeling stronger already. Superstrong.
I decide to test my new power by crashing through the cellar wall. I
get a good running start and go full speed throwing my body into the
cement. I bounce off of the wall with a broken shoulder and smashed
knee. I go at it again with a even more speed and crack in a couple
ribs and feel vertebrae slipping. I go back to the brain and take
another couple big chaws and then have a go at the wall again. I
figured I would get through on the first try but my broken bones say
otherwise. No matter. I got whole hunk of fresh brain and plenty of
will power....

het edn

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