A Walk in the town of Hell --------------

The burning concrete has scalded my feet to the bone. The red hot rain is no help for cooling the street as boiling blood puddles form on every corner. A truck carrying dead bodies drives by and intentionally swerves into one of the puddles splashing me with hot blood- melting all the skin off my face. I stop to look in a store window to see my reflection and the store clerk hurls a rock at me. The rock smashes through the window and the hits me in the face. The shards of glass apparently have a life of their own, stabbing and giggling and moving around underneath my skin. A man stops on the street and offers to help me up. I give him my hand and he rips my whole arm off then beats me with it. Unable to be unconscious, I wait out the beating until he gets bored. Eight hours later he yawns, drops the arm, and walks away. I grip my stump and try to stop the spurting blood. After applying pressure for fifteen minutes or so the bleeding begins to slow only to replaced by biting spiders which crawl out of a hole in my shoulder bone. The spiders crawl all over me up my nose and in my ears. They seem to be capable of high pitched shrieking noises which pierce my eardrums. I can feel them crawling on my brain. A hot dog vendor who looks like an acid burned drippy faced Herman Munster offers me a hot dog. I accept, based on past experiences, and he hands me a hot dog. I take it and thank him. I stare at the hot dog and the vendor stabs me once in the eye with a two pronged fork for the crime of hesitation. As open my mouth it jumps down my throat and feels like a freezing razor as it races down my gullet. It explodes out of my penis and rips out through the front of my pants. As the ground beneath my feet splits, I begin to regret killing that cat when I was seven years old.

the end

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