Having Fun with Guns and People

I'm pretty fuckin drunk so I decide the best thing I can do is head to
a bar. I go up to this lit up dance club and cut the line. Everyone
is like mumbling and groaning about the fact that I am trying to walk
right in and the bouncer grabs me by the back of the collar and asks
me where do I think I'm going. I'm like, "Fucked if I know where I'm
going but I know where you're going... you're going night night!" I
wind up and throw a punch at the bouncer straight as his dumb head.
He grabs my arm mid air and spins me around pushing my face into the
wall and raises my arm to the breaking point. He's asking me if I just
took a swing at him and if I was crazy. The crowd is starting to get
into it and is cheering him on. He's definitely enjoying the
limelight of practicing his profession. I tell him how I was going to
smash him in the face but I decided against it at the last minute
because I didn't want his AIDS. He pushes my arm up even farther and
the crowd is laughing it up- I feel the shoulder muscle begin to tear
and the bone start to bend. The bouncer asks me to repeat what I
said. My face is scraping skin along the side of the brick and I
mumble out... "I didn't smash you in your face cause I didn't want
your fucking gross AIDS!" The crowd was cheering me on now for
standing up to this goon and I guess it pissed him off enough to break
my arm. Cause thats what he did. The bone cracked audibly and the
crowd shut their fuckin mouths. Nothing like a good bone break to
quiet a scene. The bouncer pushed me to the ground and I landed on my
broken arm. Talk about fuckin ow way ow. As I lay face down
absorbing the pain, I felt my bowels give way to diarrhea and it
splattered up the back of my jeans. I heard shouts from the crowd
like, "Hey man! You didn't have to break his fuckin arm!" and "Ew! The
mother fucker shit his pants!" Also I think one of my ribs was bruised
because I landed hard on my gun butt. With my good arm I reached into
the inside of my jacket and gripped the handle and slowly pulled it
from my coat keeping it concealed by my body. I push myself to my
feet and spin toward the crowd with the gun at arms length right in
the bouncers face. My broken arm dangles crookedly at my side as I
watch the crowd scatter. The gun is six inches from the bouncers head
and he looks real surprised. He starts begging and shaking and drops
to his knees asking me for his life. I have to deny him that and I
squeeze the trigger. His major chunk of brain explodes from the back
of his head and he looks up at me with this blank stare. I pump
another bullet into his open head and blow the top portion of his
skull clean off. The crowd is running and screaming bumping into each
other scattering from the reality of a guy actually killing someone.
Alot of murder witness virgins I take it.   I point the gun into the crowd
and start firing away. People are dropping, scattering, dying, shocking,
bleeding, groaning, freaking, stumbling, pushing, crawling, and showing
their insides. Me?  Laughing.  Laughing like Santa Claus giving out gifts
on Christmas- except these fuckers aint getting no toy trains.  Theyre getting
a silver slug to take home to their new home which is the ground.


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