City Fisherman --------------

Bob decided to go fishing early one morning. He went up to the roof of his apartment building with his fishing rod and a large meat hook. He cast the hook and line off the twelve story building and took a sip of his coffee. The spool spun around with a pleasant buzzing noise as the hook headed downward. The meat hook clanged down on the empty street. He waited for the neighborhood to start swimming with people. As the sun rose, the fish began to emerge from their homes. Most of the smarter fish stayed away from the mysterious hook. Bob began to get impatient and started jiggling the line a little. After an hour, Bob began to think maybe they just weren't biting today. Just when he was about to pack it in and go downstairs to get a cheese sandwich, a woman tentatively approached the hook. She stared up at the building and the fishing line. Bob got excited and his boner proved it. When she started to reach down to the hook, Bob knew this trout was as good as caught. Just before her hand touched the hook, Bob gave the rod a good yank. The meat hook flew up and snagged itself in her abdomen. He could hear the gasp. Bob gleefully started reeling. The spinning spool noise was like beautiful music. Her feet left the ground and she had a very surprised look on her face. Bob would have believed it was pain, but he knew it was OK, because he heard somewhere that fish don't have any feelings. She put up a nice fight on her way upwards- grabbing onto window ledges and clawing at the side of the building. But his line held strong, and she was hooked real good right under the rib cage. By the eighth floor she stopped struggling. I hauled her up and over the side. She flipped around a bit while I unhooked her. She stared up at me with dead fish eyes and said "Why?...." I said "Fishin is fun and you's good eatin'!" Then I clubbed her and took her down to my apartment.

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