The Birth and Death of Doodyman===============================

Little Elmo was sitting in class one day when he realized he had to make a doody. He was afraid to make the doody in school. He was caught in the bathroom once before and was teased for weeks. "Doody Boy" they called him. Elmo decided he would just have to hold it in. He watched the clock intensely. Every second that went by the pain in his stomach got worse and worse. He started sweating but he refused to allow the doody to win the battle. After an hour or so, Elmo couldn't even move. He knew even the slightest movement could cause the doody to explode out. He could feel the once solid doody change over into diarrhea and he was not pleased. Realizing he was wearing white shorts Elmo knew he was in big trouble. He made the fatal decision of allowing a little bit of doody to be released to relieve some of the pressure. He relaxed a bit. The doody machine took full advantage by blasting out a big fart which was followed by the big load. The class looked at him and started laughing- they believed he had only farted. They hadn't yet realized the true humor of Elmo's situation. Elmo rose from his chair which was already stained brown and started to run out of the classroom trailing the doody that was falling out of shorts and running down his legs. The class burst out laughing at Elmo and his brown butt. That day was the second to last doody Elmo would ever make. He awoke the next day feeling content in the knowledge that he would never make doody again. He walked into class and ignored all the doody jokes and sat down in his clean but still stained chair. Smiling he opened his book. Months went by and Elmo had complete control over the situation. He ate as much as he pleased and refused to make doody. His whole body began to fill up. His eyes turned from blue to brown. Doody began to ooze from his pores. He occasionally would spit up doody chunks but he found this to be acceptable. When he would clean his ears... doody. Elmo soon began to understand the power of doody. If Elmo pushed his hands tightly together doody would smush out from between his fingers. He could make a doody ball out of it and throw it against the wall. He stunk like doody. He eventually bought a leotard and a cape. He wrote a big 'D' on his chest. 'Doodyman' was born. Fighting evil everywhere splashing doody on all things evil. Doody shooting from his eyes covering the evil doer. Believing he had true control over his doody he decided one day to actually make a regular ol' doody. His whole body drained out of his butt and eventually all that was left was a big pile of doody. The End

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