The History of Doody-------------------------

Extra food lands in the doody making factory.
The doody workers mold and form the doody.
They test for smell and color.
On slow days the workers have the time to make solid doody with good aroma.
But on faster days the extra food is rushed right out before the doody can even be formed .
After a solid doody is approved by the doody approval squad it is sent downstairs to the butt.
The butt keeps the doody in a holding area until the proper moment for its release.
Occasionally the doody squad sends too much doody downstairs and the holding area begins to get crowded.
Stinky gas is released by the doody to alarm the butt to release the doody.
When the time is right the buttmen push the doody outside of the butt.
The doody emerges brown and proud and dives into the toilet.
Other doody follows.
The whole doody production team has completed a job well done.
They take a little break and then the whole process starts again.
Sometimes when things get bad, the doody is forced through the system and loose doody or even liquid doody goes through the system.
This is called diarrhea.
Diarrhea is stubborn.
Diarrhea takes over and overpowers the doody workers.
Diarrhea leaves when diarrhea wants to leave.
Diarrhea is the bully of the doody world.
Sometimes the diarrhea explodes out.
Diarrhea must be released immediately.
Or else it could be bad news.
Diarrhea is evil.
Sometimes workers get lazy and dont want to make doody.
They take naps all the time and just let the doody stack up.
This is called constipation.
Constipation is no good either.
Sometimes you have to give your doody workers a pep talk.
To get the motivated again.
So they make good doody and don't slack off.

The End

Good doody to all and to all a good doody

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