Doody Experiments

Here are some fun experiments you can do with doody:

Take a doody out of the toilet.
Mush it into a ball.
Put the ball in your mouth.
Stare at the ground.

Here's another fun experiment:

Doody in a trumpet.
Play the trumpet right in an old lady's face.
See if the doody blows out onto her face.
See if how the trumpet playing affects her hearing aid.
See how much blood an old lady holds inside her skin.

Another doody experiment is:

Go up in a tree and make doody.
Notice how the doody is affected by gravity.
Write down the results. And then wipe your butt with  paper.
Notice the streaks on the paper.
Lick the parts that look good to you.

Here’s another brown brown experiment that’s fun:

Hang out in a bathroom and offer people money for their doody.
Tell them you'll pay them $5.00 for a log.
After they make the doody tell them the only way you'll pay is
for them to take the doody out of the toilet and hand it to you.
Then after they reach into the toilet and take out their doody
tell them that they heard you wrong and that you were selling
them YOUR doody.  Hit them with a hunk of shit and tell them they
owe you $15.

And theres more doody experiment:

Make a doody in public.
When the cops come and complain claim that you have no control over your bowels.
Pick up the doody and throw it at the cop.
Tell the cop that you have no control over your hands either.
See how he reacts. Find out how many cops are really ‘loose cannons.’

Looking for another experiment? OK:

Drink a cup of bleach and see if it makes your doody white.
If so, chop off your penis and tape the white doody where your penis was.
Walk around smiling and act normal.
If someone mentions the bleeding tell them their jealous because you have a white doody penis
and they have a cunt like their slut mother.
If violence occurs be sure not to damage the doody de blanc because thats your penis now.

A doody experiment that you can do with your dog:

Make a doody on the floor.
When your dog comes into the room blame the doody on the dog.
See if the dog looks confused.
Rub the dogs face in the doody.
Then rub your own face in the doody.

Here's another fun experiment!

Smear doody chunks all over your teeth.
Ask people if you have something in your teeth.
When they ask if you were eating chocolate tell them
“No... I was eating doody.”

More doody fun? Ok more doody fun:

Doody directly into your palm.
Look at it.
See if there are any faces in it.
Sometimes you can see Hitler.
Hitler lives in all our doody.

Another fun doody experiment:

Grab a doody.
Stuff the doody in your ears.
Keep saying "What!? What!?"
Even if no one is saying anything to you.
Slap yourself in the side of the head.
Then slap the other side.
Switch off until youre unconscious.

Brown fun your style? Here’s a classic:

Hand out doody logs to kids in a playground.
Tell them its chocolate.
Notice the looks on their faces when they bite in.
Tell them the chocolate is from France.
Ask them what they think of the French.
Tell them to finish the chocolate or death will
visit their mothers.

There’s lots of things you can do with doody
It’s edible, throwable, wearable, and smearable.


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