Brown Trend Setter

I shit myself again. I think the woman sitting next to me knew too. Other passengers seemed to sense the fact that something was off in the air-  especially the woman next to me who kept looking down at my seat and the floor in front of me.  I let the urine go earlier too.

I stared down at myself frowning. The unhappy lady next to me pushed the stewardess button and the inflight waitress stopped by our row.
"Yes?" the flying whore inquired.
The woman thumb pointed at me and whispered, "I think he’s having a problem."
I looked up at the stewardess.  "I shit myself!" I say through wet eyes. "...Again!" I snort.
"Ok sir… no reason to get upset this sort of things happens to everyone sometimes."  She smiles pathetically.  What kind of fuck stupid job is it when you gotta smile at a shit pants guy and act like its normal.
"Has it happened to you ever?!" I blubbergrowl.
"Not in a long while." she responds and looks away quick.  The smell apparently hit her for the first time.... strong.
The stewardess grabs my arm to help me up. "Let's get you to the bathroom. Up we go."
"I think it was diarrhea and now it’s in my pants." I mumble.
"Do you have a change of clothes?" she asks.
"I already changed my clothes," I told her. "into doody clothes! Browned and greasy shit clothes!"  I tell her.  And then giggle at myself and flop my hands against my legs and pull at my pants.
She looks at me a little different. I tell her I also pissed in the front.
She’s like, "Sir let's just get you to the bathroom..."
I stand up and notice most of the plane is looking at me I take a few steps to the back of the plane and yell, "I shit myself! OK! Is that all ok with you!?  I SHIT in MY PANTS! ON a PLANE!" Everyone sort of looked away except for this one guy in a suit who chuckled quitely.
I ripped free of the stewardess enraged and shoved a hand down the back of my pants as I ran toward the guy.  Smashing a palm of brown into his face was a shock to him and I mushed it in good and hard saying,  "Fucking funny huh?  Its all so fuckin funny!  Look at my cock!" I yell as I rummage with my zipper.
I yank my pants down and step out of them and start running down the aisle Look at my brown!! Look at my cock everyone started screaming as I crawled up and over the middle rows wiping my ass everywhere and jerking my cock when I could.  I body surfed around the plane everyone pushing me away and groaning.  I started diarrheaing again and everyone started screaming… I was cupping my hands and throwing shit all around the plane. I was on brown fire and everything started to go in slow mo. Time slowed to a crawl as I noticed a hunk of shit fly through the air dripping on people and sinking perfectly into a crying babys mouth. Then everything picked up speed again as I was shoved into the aisle. I looked up and  I saw the cockpit door open and an angry looking pilot look around the cabin.  I made my break for it.  I ran down the aisle finger flicking doody drips in the air screaming toward the pilot who stood there frozed. I tackled him good  and slammed the cockpit door behind us.  My cock was still loaded with urine and I dove awkwardly at the controls and sprayed yellow everywhere.  One pilot tried to shove me off the controls but anywhere he touched me he touch doody and he couldn't handle it.   Sparks and smoke flew from the controls due to the urine and the plane took a nose dive.  My face was plastered against the windshield as we sped downwards. I smiled as the ground flew toward us secure in the knowledge that I wasn't the only shit pants screaming lunatic on the plane now...

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