Bored to the Bone

The wet blood energized my face but now that it had dried, I was bored and I decided to take in a movie.  ‘One please.’ I say to the woman in the ticket booth then smiley show off my chipped and broken teeth (a self inflicted chisled look that just works all around)  The ticket lady gives me the look over up double glance then just stares.  I lean in close mushing the side of my face against the glass.  ‘One please…’ then mumble out of the side of my mouth like desperate like.  I hear the ticket printer running and the girlie behind the glass says. ‘$7.50.’  I lean back and observe the bloody mark I left on the glass  then reach into my pocket and take out a crumpled wad of bills.  ‘Keep the change slutter,.’ I tightlip smile as I stuff the money through the slot and grab my ticket. I walk in and right away like immediately sickened by the line of people waiting on line for their popcorn and sugarshit.  Like mules, like ants, like cows, like dogs they wait all mulling about looking at the screen displays and flashing lights.  They all seem so stimulated. Don’t they realize how boring it all is.  Don’t they know the movie that they’re about to see is boring.  Don’t they know that every conversation they’ve ever had is boring.  I look them over a decide to break patterns.   I immediately march up to the front of the candy stand and stand there- blatantly cutting the line in front of everyone.  This guy taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘There’s a line!” I spin around and grab his shirt and pull his face within inches of mine and say in mumblequicktalk, “There IS a line and we’re all waiting -the line is to death and no matter what you do you cant get off the line it moves slowly and then fast toward the end- you wanna CUT that line? (I spit through my teeth)  cause if you ever touch or speak to me again you’ll be on THAT line in the same way I’m on this one…”“NEXT!” the woman behind the counter says.  I give the guy the extra stare and wink then walk up to the counter.“What ya selling there toots?” I say and reach over to grab a tit.
“Hey!” She yells as she takes two quick steps back. I’m all apologetic with, “Sorry hon, you had a bug on you… what you selling back there candy and shit?” She looks at me and notices the blood all over my face. “What’s on your face?” “What…” I say Barbarinospeak…
“On your face?” She says..
“Where?” I say shaking my head from side to side.
“ON YOUR FACE! Oh forget it,” she gives up. “Can I get you something?”
“Twizzlers.” I say.  She hands over the pack and I hand her a crumpled ten. I caress her hand as she takes the money from me. When she tries to pull away I grip her hand tight and ask if she wants me to try and break her knuckles.  She yanks hard away from me and heads off to some guy in a cheesey jacket and ugly striped tie. Manager no doubt. Cock of the walk.   I yawned.  I felt the boredom closing in again. The manager comes prancing over to me and asks if I have a problem.  Asking a guy with blood all over his face if he has a problem is like asking if you’ve ever fucked Mother Theresa with a dead dogs dick only the opposite.  I look left and right and say there’s cameras in here and we’re a movie right now.  The dumb fuck manager looks intrigued but with his smartass self is like, “Oh yeah, what movie?”
“This fuckin movie!” I say and slash his face straight across the eyes with a flat razor slitting open both of them.  The manager struggles on the ground with his new found blindness and blood streaming pain with white gook.  I rip open my bag of twizzlers and shove one in my mouth smiling at the screaming movie goers heading for the exits.  Now they know excitement.  Unbored the lot of them. I pull off a chaw of cherry red plastic and watch the guy.  At first he was all thrashy but that eventually slowed into a shock syndrome vibration complete with ‘goggida goggida goggida’  deep throat noises.  I leaned in close to the managers ear and said, “It feels bad huh?  It feels oh so oh so bad huh?  You cant believe what happened? You cant believe you’re still alone with me. No one is going to save you.” I could tell he was totally not bored as I run the flat side of my blade along his throat.
“I’m going to completely murder you now.” I whisper inches from his ear.  He manages to croak out a couple of soft no’s but I’m all ready plunging the razor deep into to the side of his neck and tearing the flesh and arteries from one side to the other. The blood spurts all over my face giving it a nice fresh coat.  Soon Mr. Manager shook and vibrated to his death all out of red fuel. I stood there chewing on my twizzler grinning happily at the blood still pulsing out of his neck.   Unfortunately the smile soon left my face and I realized I was bored again.

The end.

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