this halloween i've decided to go as a blood soaked goblin all vomit
     covered and sterile.  so first things first. i snip off the testicles
     and put them in a jar and the jar goes in the freezer.  second i go to
     the local store and steal a goblin mask but i get caught by the store
     clerk he's with his 'excuse me sir!' so i stab him in the neck deep
     and then turn on innocent customer type person stab stab stab stab
     stab uh! and one stab for bad luck- then roll around in the blood of
     the new deaders- why not kill two birds with one stone so to speak.
     now sterilized and covered in blood i put on my goblin mask and revved
     till i was blistered up on maniacal goodness- i see a cop outside
     standing and staring at the moon so i sneak up, stick my knife in
     between his ribs and twist and he crumples down and i kick him alot.
     after he's beyond dead i strip him naked and put on the cop uniform
     and then put on my goblin mask and then i go back into the store and
     roll around in the blood some more. i've spontaneously changed my
     costume to bloody cop goblin faced lunatic type thing with a deranged
     twist of murderama to my nature i do. i felt a splash of vomit was
     more than necessary at this point to complete my overall look- but i
     hate the taste of throwing up so i operate on the store clerk and
     remove his stomach whole.  then i hold the thing over my head and slit
     it open and let the contents spill all over me.  its pretty much like
     vomit although the smell is kind of different.  i go out into the
     street and see some kids hiding behind a dumpster giggling.  they just
     pulled a prank of some sort so i go up to them and i'm like 'hey
     kids!' and they look at me confused cause i look like a cop and i talk
     like a cop but i certainly dont smell like a cop and the blood vomit
     covered goblin mask accesories are non-standard issue as cops go.  i
     pull my gun and shoot them all dead (boy were they surprised) and then
     throw them in the dumpster -trick or treat smell my feel gimme some
     kiddies to murder and eat. i'll get back to them later for a little
     munch munch that is if i dont get my head blown off by some good
     samaritan i better make this halloween count.  did i just murder
     children?  who knows what the hell just happened my mom isnt around to
     see me anyway. the streets are pretty dark and i guess my gun shots
     were dismissed it being halloween and all i go up to the first house i
     see and ring the doorbell and this old lady answers and is like
     'officer?' before she has time to add up all the things that are wrong
     with me i push myself into the house and smash her face into lots of
     stuff until her skull just fell away and i was left holding her brain
     which i was about to bite into when i heard the doorbell ring and some
     little trick or treaters were at the door. i walked to the door and
     asked the smallest one to hold open her bag -cute little fairy she
     was-and then i dropped the brain into it and slammed the door.  their
     squeals were musical and perfectly in tune to be the perfect
     background music to my halloween necrophelia that i had started into
     on a whim- that old lady was some cold piece of ass she was extra
     attracted to my vomit. i grunt out my jism just as i hear another
     pounding on the door and i see the flashing lights outside. those
     meddling kids probably reported my brain treat.  i peek out the window
     and see a big crowd forming and the cops getting organized so i burst
     out of the front door and start shooting just to make sure everyone
     gets a halloween they aint never gonna forget.  goblin masked and
     covered in vomit and blood with my dick out i treat everyone to the
     ultimate disappearing act...

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