My Sleeping Angel

     So I pick up this dirtyrag whore in this bar, right? She's all drunk
     and stuff and I'm like that's ok with me cause it makes hookers a
     little more "friendly" right? <wink> So I'm pumping drinks down her
     gullet and she's like pretty trashed and I'm like checking her out and
     she ain't lookin too bad to me, y'know? So I'm like telling her we
     should get out of here and go to the motel down the street for a bit
     of the old in/out and then some.  She's like flops an arm over my
     shoulder and is like "whatever" and I'm like "cool."  So we stumble
     down the street and I'm checking her out and her breasts are looking
     all rounded and squeezy. Nips are like poppin too.  She's wearing this
     tight skirt all crooked and half off.
     We get to the motel and she like walks straight to the bathroom and
     before she gets there she's like puking all over herself making ug ug
     noises and all that.  She slams the bathroom door and stays in there
     puking for a good 15 minutes.  Meanwhile I'm out on the bed getting
     ready for some action.  I figure when she's done with the puke she'll
     be ready for a little yeehawing.  Anyway she opens the bathroom door
     and is totally drenched in chunky throwup and is like ug ug needing to
     lie down.  So I'm like take off your top baby it's all stained so
     she's like standing swaying with her arms up like help me with the
     shirt like.  So I like start pulling off her shirt and start kissing
     her neck. I can taste the throw up but I dont really care because my
     boner likes the feel of her boobs.  I start like feeling her up while
     I'm taking her shirt off.  I'm like touching her thighs which got
     all-throwupy chunks like sticking.  I reach up her skirt and grab her
     behind. I'm unpleased to find out that she was carrying a load in her
     panties.  I went to grab and handful of butt- but I go I handful of
     brown pile.  Throw up I could deal with but this I did not like- I
     felt it's presence totally killed the mood.  So I pushed her over onto
     the bed face down- as not to choke- and placed a glass of water next
     to the bed.  Turning to leave I looked back one last time at my
     chickie tonight and she looked like a sleeping angel.  A sleeping
     angel splashed with throwup with doody in her pants, but a sleeping
     angel none the less.


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