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שימור אנרגיה במערכות במבנים Sea and Sun 01 9:46 v1,600 Light in Jerusalem (81) Global Warming BL Converter
Building Energy Simulation Sea and Sun 02 12:42 v773 snow in Jerusalem (4) Global Warming selected year
הדגמת טורבינות רוח Sea and Sun 03 10:08 v1,903 Jerusalem Calatrava Bridge (10) Cumulative CO2 selected year
Wind Turbines Specification Sea and Sun 04 30:40 v213 Menashe Harel Street (6) Cumulative CO2 in period
שימור אנרגיה - מדיניות ותכניות Sea and Sun 05 30:39 v233,513 Tel Aviv (2)
בדיקת כדאיות של מערכות שמש Sea and Sun 06 1:01:47 v85,718 Sochi (13) online energy efficiency tests (6)
EC in Various Countries Sea and Sun 07 21:38 v405 Russia (14) Chiller Efficiency Online - COP
Energy Conservation in Israel Sea and Sun 11 2:51:02 v303 Morocco (18) Pump Efficiency Online
Solar Israel LVB Marmotte in Wellesley 2:35 v44 Vietnam Cruise (47) Enercom - Chiller COP - English
GHG CDM Jerusalem Montreal (10) Enercom - Chiller COP - Hebrew
Energy and Thermal Time Constant Train Stamford - Richmond (39) Enercom - Pump Eff - English
Thermal Time Constant - TTC Shenandoah (28) Enercom - Pump Eff - Hebrew
nTTC Florida (2)
Hydroelectric Turbines Simulation Brasil (10)
New Forms of Calculators Uruguay (2)
Heat Transfer SWH Pipes Argentina (25)
Energy Balance of SWH Chile (4)
Circulation Pump Power for SWH New Zealand (86)
Temperature Dynamic Trendline Cook Strait (17)
Extreme Air Temperature Milford (12)
Uninsulated Pipes of SWH dancing fountain (18)
Plug-In Charging of Hybrid Car
Optimization of PV Spacing Flickr (6) online energy calculators (14)
Optimization of PV Tilt Angle Flickr: last pictures of the World Hydroelectric
Collector Hourly Efficiency SWH Flickr: pictures of the World High Voltage EMF
Collector Hourly Output SWH Flickr: Jerusalem Economics of EC Project
Air Temperature in Jerusalem Flickr: Tel Aviv selection of air conditioner
GW Land Dataset.xls Flickr: Boston Capital Recovery Factor - CRF
GW BL Conversion Factors Flickr: Vancouver Loan and Mortgage
GW 1850-1900 Dataset.xls Flickr: New Zealand I North Celsius / Fahrenheit converter
Global Warming 1850-1900 BL Flickr: New Zealand II South feet+inch to centimeters
Global Warming Acceleration Flickr: New Zealand III South miles to kilometers
GW Online Universal BL Converter miles/US Gallon to Liter/100km
Cumulative CO2 Emissions G-Site (19) pound+ounce to gram
GW and Cumulative CO2 G-Site videos of the World Gallon Quarts Pints Ounces in3
Global Warming Forecast G-Site Armenia Celsius Fahrenheit oz lb gl MpG
G-Site Georgia countdown and stopwatch
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