Some essential ranking factors for SEO

Hello guys, today my article is about SEO for blog and ranking factors both are very crucial to exist in to digital market at the present time. As we know that present nature of current business completely dependent upon the digital market so we have to understand the function of digital market.

Here I have a website is about Delhi Call Girls service and I am worried about it ranking factors and what I have to do to get better ranking just know about the functions of SEO.

Formatting of Backlinks for the website

Even though you have a great content and you think you don’t required making backlinks then it is absolutely will be stupid thought, because backlinks are very essential and they are so mighty you can’t believe that with a few content can be ranked on the tough keywords so link making is the first and crucial art when you go to make backlinks, I am making a backlinks on behalf of Gurgaon Call Girls Service and for that make regular 10 to 20 backlinks which are average because the quantity of backlinks are increased when it feel need much normally you would have seen so far if you used to make backlinks in the first backlinks lots 20 to 50 you get the rank under 50 to 100 again to come under 30 to 50 once again need to create more backlinks like 50 to 100 it is the second lots such as you get rank under 20 to 50 after that you can’t stop chasing the backlinks and it increase more than 500 to 1000 yet you cannot get the first page position because real competition start from 20 to 50 which make busy to all backlinks builders so here you should know that it takes some time so please don’t lose your confidence because you feel that you have made excess but indeed it is very few so need to work more hard.

Types of Backlinks for the website or Blog

Normally we know that there are two types of backlinks in SEO a do-follow and second is no-follow, lots of blogger thinks to avoid the no-follow backlinks they think when it will not be crawled then why make no-follow backlinks here I would like to inform you that every backlinks are crawled by the crawler even though a blogger request the crawl for non-index yet it is crawled, do-follow is the best options because here direct approval is given by the blogger so it become very mighty and no-follow is crawled and depend upon the traffic receiving from no-follow backlinks here traffic and content have been playing seriously crucial role as I am writing a blog about Delhi Call Girl Service it would be the part of Content management and when this article will be promoted to other bloggers then it will be known the traffic factors both are very important as you have seen that lots of blogger are getting good response by generating traffic on their blog on the other hand you would have also seen that many bloggers are working on the basis of Content marketing.

Traffic Factors for the blog

In order to get rank on the top page need receiving traffic from other sources because other can help only, for an instance I am running a call girls service in Delhi and for that I have built a website and want to fetch it on the top but it is no easy as I am thinking for this need huge traffic but how a genuine traffic can be brought for a website here it has to be considered into facts, traffic is normally received from social media and backlinks building procedure, a five years ago the role of social media was very crucial to promote the content of the website and give huge response to get lots of traffic from the social media but at the present time it features will not be enough need to do extra and for this required making backlinks accordingly the link of the our website or blog should be connected to other website it is backlinks how many we can make backlinks it is one kind of our friends which help us to climb on the top page so the role of backlinks are appeared into several factors of SEO, if it is said that a SEO is nothing without backlinks then it will not be wrong because a backlink make relationship among the blogger and it keep together all at the same places.

Different between direct & indirect traffic

Direct traffic come from directly webpage where we make an search when as an indirect traffic come from the various sources where we make backlinks or promote the website. Now I am discussing the difference between also mutual relationships among of them. That’s they need to illustrate with an example two same keywords websites are having Delhi Call Girls, one is already existed on the first page and second is not appearing in the search box, one is getting direct audience by each visit when as second has not chance to get receive direct audience so in this matter second has to depend upon the indirect traffic from other sources because when other website or bloggers will not refer it until it will not get position so it was difference and correlation among them as we have defined it, this article is very helpful if you make backlinks because I know you ask from lots of people but it is not sure that why will give you proper guide so you need to study of backlinks yourself without asking to anyone, it is fact that every person has own thought which is not similar to all so need to know one of them and being rely just go ahead in this aspect kindly see the website and know more function about it. Such as all details about SEO marketing here I have introduced and also introduced new website link in this aspect.