Local Chapter welcome Grand
Matron to Southern Area.

Anthurium Chapter #146 of Los Angeles welcomed the Grand Matron and Sister Bertha Butler (Grand Christian Flag Bearer) to their monthly meeting.
 What was expected to be vacation for the Grand Matron of California turned out to be WORK, WORK and more WORK.
The Grand Matrons schedule immediately changed upon her arrival to Los Angeles due to funeral services for Brother Jimmie Davis, Ms. Patricia Mayfield (Sister  Everleane Mayfield's daughter) and Bro. Venah Ervin.  ….details page 8


   The Grand Master of Masons for the State of California "Hon. Barney E. Watkins"  (right) called the Craft from labor to refreshment on Sunday April 21st for the purpose of laying in "Due and Ancient Form", the corner stone of Ajalon Missionary Baptist Church in Palm Springs California.
The Grand Lodge officers  (photo above) gave their undivided attention to the minister of the hour prior to the corner stone laying.
Seated (l/r) Bro. Hackney who represented the Deputy Grand Master during the ceremony, Bro. Leroy Simmons (RWGJW), Bro. Floyd McMillan (RWGSW) & Hon. Barney Watkins Most Worshipful Grand Master.
Bro. Rance Hankerson served as Grand Marshall in the absence of Bro. Kevin Rachael and Bro. Omar Scaife and he too did a fine job.
Bro. Ware served as chaplian and stewarts during the ceremony.
             ………..….details page 7

MID Winter Conference

  Every state boasted the large number of members they had in attendance at the Mid-winter conference but the proof  was in the counting.
Ala. 36, Ark. 56, Calif.  14, Florida 22, Illinois  68,  Louisiana 24, Maryland 16, Michigan 1, Mississippi 13, New York 13, Jew Jersey 15, Ohio 15, Texas 102, Virginia 59, Washington D.C. 22.
There were a few members that missed the count for one reason or another but if you were not in the room when the counting began, you were not counted. 
Approximately 500 members  attended the conference and were present  during the count (mostly men as you know)...……… did I say men…(sorry) I mean mostly women (as usual).

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