Colleges & Universities in the US

This is a listing of accredited four-year, graduate and professional schools within the US. If you find any mistakes or omissions, please email me.

American Intercontinental UWashingtonPrivate
American UWashingtonReligious
Catholic U of AmericaWashingtonReligious
Columbus Sch of LawWashingtonReligious
Gallaudet UWashingtonPrivate
Georgetown UWashingtonReligious
George Washington UWashingtonPrivate
Howard UWashingtonPrivate
Potomac ColWashingtonPrivate
Southeastern UWashingtonPrivate
Strayer UWashingtonPrivate
Trinity ColWashingtonReligious
U of the District of ColumbiaWashingtonPublic
Washington Theological UnionWashingtonReligious
Wesley Theological SemWashingtonReligious

Acad=Academy | Camp=Campus | Col=College | Inst=Institute
Med=Medical | Sch=School | Sci=Science | U=University

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