Fuel tank and fuel lines pages
The original KR-1 fuel tank is urethan foam and epoxy fiberglass construction. It wasn't made for me. After I discussed with leading finnish accident investicator I made a decision to do my own version. Fiber glass tank is poor in crash situation. Tank cracks easy and it leads gasoline to copit. Also if you are not carefull with your material, resin might dissolved by gasoline and stop your engine.
Alkuperäinen polyuretaanista ja epoksista tehty tankki ei ollut minua varten. Sen rakentaminen turvalliseksi on vaikeaa.
Fuel tank on the fuselage. Rubber strips still missing.
Tankki paikallaan. Tankki on hitsattu 1.5 mm merialumiinista.
A banjo fitting under the fuel tank.
Tästä bensa virtaa. Banjo liitin tankin alapuolella.
The net has been welded to banjo.
Sormisuodatin banjo liittimessä.
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