Here the fire never dies, it lives and burns and grows in size. Fueled by hated, hurt, lost dreams all now drowned in Death's own streams. Hammers strike on heated metals, wands constructed on vile anvils. Now the artifacts have been wrought now the Demonforge burns for naught.

Forge Notes;
Wands, Staves, Rings
Artifact Magical Name Single Charge Damage Allocation
Balsa wand Wand of Eternal Light ~60 pPP ~4200
Fluted wand Wand of Discharge ~10 pPP ~2100
Charred wand Wand of Infestation Removal ~3 pPP ~1100
Grey wand Wand of Divination ~10 pPP ~3500
White wand Wand of Skjodor ~4 pPP ~1500
Oak wand Wand of Healing ~1/5 pPP ~200
Pine wand Wand of Striking ~1/2 pPP ~200
Short wand Wand of Magic Detection ~2 pPP ~1100
Yellow wand Wand of Klatchian Wizards ~2 pPP ~800
Small stick Collatrap's Pickling Wand ~1/5 pPP ~100
Thin Stick Wand of Artifact Probing ~8 pPP ~2700
Red staff Staff of Frottjor ~2 pPP ~600
Brown staff Staff of Elven Detection ~5 pPP ~2100
Blue crystal ring Ring of Recall ~20 pPP ~3600
Pink crystal ring Ring of Power ~30 pPP ~3500
Pink crystal ring Ring of Vigor ~20 pPP ~3000
Pink Crystal ring Ring of Energy ~10 pPP ~2500
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