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Last update 12th March 2005

Computer programs for use on board of Merchant marine ships.

Baplie Icon Baplie viewer
Current version 2.1; Issue date 28.FEB.2005

Today, on every decent container terminal, stowage planner after completion of container loading delivers to vessel floppy containing BAPLIE file. BAPLIE file contains description of every occupied place on board vessel. For example: container (or break bulk) reference name, weight, class, temperature settings, destination, handling instructions, carrier, etc...

Unfortunately, there is still large number of container ships, built at the end of eighties and beginning of nineties without proper software to decode BAPLIE files. Baplie viewer is program intent to use on such vessel. Baplie viewer is vessel independent i.e. can be used on any vessel, regardless of size, number of bays, tiers etc...

Click here to go to Baplie Viewer page for description and program download.

Waypoint Icon Inmarsat-C, message saver
Current version 1.1; Issue date 19 JULY 2003

Most of Inmarsat-C terminals use floppy disk to save messages. Inmarsat-C messages (telex) are small files, average size is 200 to 1000 bytes. Due to limited capacity of floppy disk, messages are very often deleted and only their printed copy is stored in file. Messages are printed to roll paper and length of document after is cut from printer depends of size of message. Huge number of messages and different paper size makes search for certain message very difficult. This is where Telex saver comes to action. It is enough to insert floppy in PC computer and start Telex Saver. All messages will be recovered from floppy and stored in single file on hard disk. Stored messages can be: searched, filtered, sorted, copied, printed etc... For telex source can be selected any folder, so Telex saver may be used on computer which stores received and sent messages directly to hard disk.
Telex Saver is small and fast program.

Click here to go to Telex Saver page for description and download.

Waypoint Icon Waypoint
Current version 1.2; Issue date 06 DECEMBER 2002

Waypoint program is intend for use on ocean going ships for voyage planning. Program doesn't connect to GPS navigator. I am aware that almost every GPS has possibility to calculate courses and distances between waypoints, but very few can actually print route. Waypoint program knows bit more then ordinary GPS receiver like Great circle composing, ETA to every point, sun set and sun rise times, Moon illumination and phases.

Click here to go to Waypoint page for description and program download.


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