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NEWS UPDATE                                                                                     24 April 2002
This month

Planning. sees the Environmental Impact Assessment available from Wardell Armstrong for submission in April.  We have to lodge this for a period of 4 months enabling us to begin work on site in September; I scoping report | EIA and Environmental Statement. 

Outline planning application illustrations
Fig 1  Site location plan
Fig 2  Site boundary and area
Fig 3  Site constraints
Fig 4  Development concept
Fig 5  Development plots
Fig 6  Indicative masterplan
Fig 7  Transport Proposals 

Finance. Warwickshire County Council have submitted a full aplication for 1m grant towards the cost of phase one site clearance and infrastructure to the Government Office and Advantage West Midlands for approval of public funding.  On 12/3/2002 GOWM announced 16m grant aid for Coventry and Warwickshire including improvements at Midland Quarry.

Gap funding is also available from Advantage West Midlands.

Public sector commitment to site clearance and infrastructure will mobilise 7.2m of private sector investment for the first phase employment uses redevelopment of Midland Quarry known as Dev 5, Dev 10, INF3;

Highways. as part of this funding process we will be committing to a particular infrastructure scheme among the competing alternatives;as it stands we aim to bring the road from Hillary Road to Tuttle Hill Road | layout

Marina and Quarry diving. we have commissioned engineers Entec to advise on the Midland Water body and the possibility of forming a waterfall feature, Marina for boats in the shallow void and quarry diving in the 33m deep water body or more ambitiously 300 tourist and residential houseboats in the main void linked to the canal.
Artists Impression
Fact file

The development

At Midland Quarry. 
For sale or to let on a design and build basis upto 20 acres of warehousing and industrial premises, offices and flats on Tuttle Hill Road, retail/indoor/outdoor leisure

Strategic planning framework

Dev 5 movement of 200,000 cu m spoil heap to reclaim 8 acres for 120,000 sq ft warehousing and industrial premises

INF 3 (or INF 3.1 across quarry to new joint access with Judkins Quarry) New distributer road, traffic lights on Tuttle Hill Road to Dev 5,

Dev 11 import of upto 300,000 cu m of inert spoil,
4 acres mixed commercial/retail/leisure and 4 acre marina for 100 boats known as Midland or Nuneaton Marina

Dev 10 4 acres of mixed use including 2 acres of small 1500-6000sq ft units, includes link from Hillary or Pool Road to INF3

Env 2 outdoor leisure eg diving and water reservoir or lake to be drained and landfilled with inert waste in the medium or long term.

Judkins Quarry new junction access on Tuttle Hill for waste recycling plant and possible release of upto 40 acres of manufacturing business park.

Draft reports

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review reports and documents


Follow this link to existing site aerial

Who we are

Mineral Investments (Mininvest plc) is contactable at

Edwards Centre
The Horsefair

T: 01455 612000
F: 01455 613000
[email protected]      www.woodlands.org

What we are doing

Century Park Ltd is developing an area of 8-12 acres for industrial or logistics use (Dev 5, Dev 10)

Midland Water Ltd is developing an area of 8 acres for mixed use, retail, apartments and offices and marina. 

Midland Quarry Ltd is exploring the potential of the water filled void for a
diving school, diving shop, pub scuba, sailing and water skiiing.  Quarry diving is a growing sport and the nearby Stoney Cove quarry diving and training school attract 60,000 visitors a year.  Being spring fed Midland Quarry is particularly suitable to add to the areas locations.  This is subject to leachate considerations.  The alternative is to landfill the deep void with inert waste.

If the water body is sustainable then it may be possible to utilise it for tourist and residential houseboats by putting floating pontoons out into the lake.

Waste Recyling Group are bringing forward a development of 40 acres possibly for a manufacturing park adjacent to Midland Quarry at Judkins Quarry which will share the joint roundabout access.

When it is to happen

We have appointed our site manager Roy Kitson. We have opened our site office.  We aim to complete infrastructure and site clearance and inert waste import by June 2004 and final phase development by 2005/06.

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Ian Brealey
Edwards Centre, Hinckley
14 March 2002
Existing site
Infill of Dev 11. We have begun work on a planning application to import upto 300,000 cu m of spoil from the demolition of houses on the estate and digging of new balancing lake which with the 200,000 cu m of spoil on site will infill the shallow part of the quarry void over 18 months allowing development of Dev 11 to proceed. 

The movement of the 200,000 cu m spoil heap from Dev 5 will proceed in conjunction with this operation to complete infilling of shallow part of the Midland Quarry void.

Total Urban Village Area with Midland Quarry to the right of the picture.  The Waste Recycling plcdevelopment of 30 acres is to the north of Midland Quarry above the new shared roundabout access.  Taken together the two sites cover 46-76 acres of developable land and have attractive water and geological features which could serve to create a site of regional and national note.
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