TOP ROW: R.C. Wilson**, J. McEwen, C.W. Buckley**, A.L. Cooper, P.A. Smith, L. Powell**, W.G. Ryder*, T. Stuchberry, W. Trimmingham*, H. Peniston, J. Trimmingham*, A.G. Davison**, H.B. Davis**, E.W. Virtue**, R.H. Wilson, A. Blumsen, S.S. Stone**, H.E. Palmer**, J. Foreman.
FOURTH ROW: G. Hollis**, F. Paterson**, F. Pawsey*, A. Bridges, W. White*, H. J. Watlington*, H.C. Whitecross*, T. Tite, E. Burgess**, B. Pitman*, R. McNicol, D.G. Smith?, L. Mullin**, St. G. Tucker*, C. Robertson*, C.W. Whitecross, A. Thompson, E. Doe*, W.R. Kyme*, K.N. Smith*.
THIRD ROW: W. Stollard*, B. Hall, A.R. Platten*, C.H. Crittenden, H. Rice**, B. Harriott*, C. Cannon, J.A. O'Connor*, C. Adams**, G. Spanswick, W. Tite*, B. Tribley, C. Mullin**, B. Outerbridge*, A. Shepard*, J. Cannon*, H. Noble*, S. Harris**, B.L. Turini*, M.J. Farrell*?
SECOND ROW: A.Smith?, T. Blackman, C.A. Baker**, G. Tite, J.S. Smith**, W.H. Morgan**, R.C. Earl**, Capt. R. J. Tucker, E.C.P, Lines**, C.H, Young, P.A. Tatem*, P.S. Ingham, C.E. Mullin**, C.A. Doe**, J. Crone**.
FRONT ROW: F. Heath**, A.R. Spurling**, K. Blackman, W. McNicol**, F. Adcock, F. Boorman, G.S. Tucker*.
*  Killed in action, died, or missing in action (presumed dead).
**Served to War's end.

? Caption and various lists have some confusion, notably with the various 'Smiths'. In Jennifer Ingham's "
Defence Not Defiance: A History Of The Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps", from which this captiuon is taken, a list of the members of both BVRC contingents shows:

Rfn.      Smith, A.G.    Returned to Bermuda, 2/5/19.
Rfn.      Smith, G.G.    Killed in action, 30/9/16.
Rfn.      Smith, G.A.** Returned to Bermuda.
C.S.M.  Smith, J.S. ** Returned to Bermuda, 2/5/19.
Rfn.      Smith, K.N.     KIlled in action, 10/10/15.
Rfn.      Smith, P.A.     Discharged. Returned to Bermuda, 5/11/18.

The Royal Gazette, on Saturday, 8 May, 1915, recorded the departure of the Contingent for the Front, printing a list of members, by Parish, including:

903 Pte. D.G. Smith
709 Pte. K.N. Smith
894 Pte. P.A. Smith


464 Sgt. J.S. Smith

St. George's
837 Pte. A.G. Smith

It also lists, absent from caption above (the photograph pre-dates the departure and others may have joined the contingent after it was taken.):


980 Pte. D. McSweene

On 10 July, 1915, the Royal Gazette published a list of the men, atached to 3 Lincolns, and gave their new numbers, against their old, BVRC numbers, including:

Lincolnshire Regt. No. B.V.R.C.      Rank.           Name.
3/17088                         464               Sergt.         Smith, J.S.
3/17145                         837               Pte.            Smith, A.G.
3/17146                         903               Pte.            Smith, K.N.
3/17147                         709               Pte.            Smith, K.N. [sic.]
3/17148                         894               Pte.            Smith, P.A.
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