Moving II

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This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead, is purely a coincidence. This story involves the spanking of a young child. It is only a story. The author in no way encourages the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story. I would love any feedback. Please send any comments to: [email protected]


Finally, the day of the move had arrived. Charlie and Lisa were up early packing last minute things. They let the baby and the twins sleep. They got more done that way. That was one reason they had decided to let Joan and Jack take the kids for the day. It would be much easier with the movers if the kids were not around.

"Daddy! Daddy! Come here!" It was Robin screaming.

Charlie went running into the twins' room.

"What's the matter, Robin? What is it?"

"Daddy, Jennifer crying and calling out in her sleep and I can't wake her."

Charlie said, "Okay, Robin, you go to the bathroom and wash up. I'll take care of your sister."

Charlie saw Robin hesitate. "Really, sweetheart, it's okay, Jennifer will be fine."

Robin left the room. Charlie nudged Jennifer and said, "Baby, wake up, it's Daddy, come on, baby, wake up."

Just then, Jennifer stirred. She turned over and opened her eyes. "Daddy?"

Charlie said, "Yes, baby, it's me. It's okay, you were just having a bad dream. Time to wake up now anyway. Aunt Joan and Uncle Jack will be here soon."

Jennifer jumped up. "No, Daddy, I want to stay here with you and Mommy. I want to help move."

"Jennifer, we've talked about this. You and your sister would only be in the way of the movers. They're going to do all the work. C'mon now, let's get you changed and you can go eat breakfast and get dressed," Charlie said.

Robin and Jennifer ate breakfast quietly. They were sad that they were leaving the apartment. Yeah, it was small, but it was the only place they had ever lived. They still wanted to stay home and help their parents move. Just then the doorbell rang. Lisa went to answer it. It was her sister, Joan.

Lisa said, "Hi, where's Jack?"

Joan answered, "He's in the car with Joseph and Jody. Figures, Jody fell asleep the minute we got into the car. Hi, girls! Ready for an exciting day?"

Jennifer said, "What're we gonna do?"

Aunt Joan said, "How would you girls like to go to Adventureland?"

Robin looked at her parents and then back at her aunt. She was very excited. They hadn't been since the previous summer.

"Oh, yes! Thank you!" Robin said, and she hugged her aunt.

Aunt Joan said, "What about you, Jennifer? Don't you like Adventureland?"

Lisa said, "Of course, she does, she's just a little upset about leaving the apartment. Okay, girls, give a last look around. The next time you come home, you'll be in the new house."

Charlie put his arms around both girls. "Right, and you'll be in your new room upstairs. And it will be set up just the way we talked about. And you'll have your own bathroom, and then we'll set up the extra den as your playroom. You're going to love it!"

Robin and Jennifer both smiled. They had spent hours planning how they would set up their rooms. It was going to be like having their own apartment. They had the whole top floor of the Ranger Ranch house. They had a choice of having their own rooms, or sharing a room and having a playroom/room to hang out with their friends in. Jennifer had thought it might be nice to have her own room. But Robin was scared, and Jennifer, too, thought it might be scary not to have Robin there. So they had decided to do it this way.

Charlie said, "Okay, you girls be good. I don't want to hear about any problems from Aunt Joan and Uncle Jack. Do you hear me?"

Both girls nodded and kissed their father. Then they kissed their mother.

Charlie handed Joan the baby's diaper bag. "Joan, there's also some of Jennifer's pantsies in there. She has one on right now, also. She's been having a lot of accidents. Just remind her to use the bathroom frequently, okay? Have a great day, and thanks again!"

Joan, Jack, Jennifer, Robin, Steven, Joseph, and Jody set off for Adventureland. When they got there, Jack turned the car off and said, "Okay, gang, before we go in, there are a few rules I want to set that must be followed."

Joseph said, "Oh, Daddy!"

Jack said, "I mean it, son, no rules, no Adventureland. Now listen carefully. Rule #1-you must hold hands with someone at all times, and one of you must be holding a grownup's hand. Got it?"

All the kids nodded.

"Rule #2-there will be no whining. If we say no to something, then that's that. And when it's time to go, you go, without any arguments. Does everyone understand?" Jack asked.

He looked around. He waited until all four kids nodded. Then he looked at his wife and asked, "Ready?"

Joan said, "Ready. Let's go."

Joan and Jack and the four kids and the stroller with baby Steven began its journey through the amusement park. The kids went on lots of different rides, played carnival games, and won prizes. They were having lots of fun.

At about 12:00, Jack asked, "Okay, who's hungry?"

"Me!" "Me!" "Me!" "Me!" "Me!"

The fifth "Me!" was from Joan. Jack said, "Okay, it's unanimous, let's go get some lunch."

The seven of them went into the cafeteria. It was just like Nathan's. Both the twins, and Joseph, and four-year-old Jody wanted hot dogs. That was easy. They sat down and ate in silence.

Jack said, "I guess they really were hungry."

Joan said, "Yeah, I guess so."

Robin and Jennifer wanted to go into the game room that was connected to the cafeteria. "Please, can we go, Uncle Jack, while you guys finish your lunch?"

Joseph said, "Yeah, I want to go, too."

Joan said, "Well, you guys could wait a little longer, and then we'll all go."

Jennifer said, "Please, we'll be careful. Please!?"

Jack stood up and pulled 6 singles out of his wallet. "Okay, you can each have 2 dollars. I want you three to stay together. And come right back here when you've spent that, understand?"

Robin and Jennifer jumped up and hugged their uncle.

"We will, thank you, Uncle Jack!" they both said.

Jack said, "And Joseph, I want you to hold one of your cousins' hands, got it?"

Joseph said, "Oh, Daddy, I'm seven years old, do I haveta?"

His father looked at him and said, "Yes, you do, or you're not going!"

Joseph said, "Okay, fine." He grabbed Robin's hand and said, "Let's go already."

Joan and Jack watched as the three of them disappeared into the game room. Joan continued alternately feeding Steven and Jody.

Meanwhile, Joseph grew tired watching Jennifer play pinball. He wanted to find this game Frogger that his friend had told him about. Robin was right across from Jennifer playing Ms. Pacman.

"Frogger can't be too far away," Joseph thought.

Suddenly, something green caught his eye and he ran to see what it was. Jennifer saw him run off and yelled, "Joseph, where're you going? Come back!"

Robin turned away from her game when she heard her sister yell, and said, "Where's he going?"

Jennifer came over and said, "I don't know, but we better find him."

Robin said, "Ok, let me just finish up this game. I'm up to my last life anyway."

When Robin had "died", Jennifer and Robin went searching for Joseph. "This place isn't that big, so we shouldn't have any trouble finding him," Robin said.

After walking around for a few minutes, the girls had still not seen their cousin. Jennifer said, "Oh, where is he? I have to go to the bathroom now."

Robin said, "We just passed the bathroom. Why don't you go? I'll wait here for you. If I stay in one spot, Joseph's bound to pass me eventually. He's probably been walking around the same amount we have. We're just further behind him. Look, I'll be right there playing skeeball. You go to the bathroom."

Jennifer thought that was a good idea. "Okay, I'll be right back."

Robin went over to the skeeball machine. It was only a dime. She only had quarters. She went to the change man and got five dimes for two quarters. Then she went back to skeeball and started to play. She was on her third game when she heard:

"Oh, there you are, Robin. I've been looking for you guys all over."

Robin looked up to see her uncle. "Hi, Uncle Jack, look at my score, I'm getting so many tickets."

Jack said, "That's great, sweetie." He looked around. "Where's your sister and Joseph?"

Robin had her arm back and she was about to throw her last ball of the game when she looked back at her uncle. "Well, Jennifer's in the bathroom and um, I'm not sure where Joseph is. I mean, he's around here somewhere, but I'm not sure where." As soon as she said this, she looked down at the floor.

Jack said, "What? What do you mean you're not sure where Joseph is? The three of you were supposed to stay together. Now Jennifer is in the bathroom, you're nonchalantly playing skeeball, and your cousin is missing?"

Before Robin knew what hit her, Jack had swung her around, and slapped her hard on her bottom. In response, she dropped the hard wooden skeeball.

"OW! That hurt, Uncle Jack."

Uncle Jack said, "Well, it was supposed to. And that's just the beginning; you are in very big trouble."

Robin sobbed, "But, Uncle Jack, let me tell you what happened, we . . . "

Jack cut her off, "You know what, I don't want to hear it, young lady."

Robin stood there rubbing her bottom while Jack stood up on a bench and tried to see over the crowd. He did not see his son anywhere and was getting worried.

Just then, Jennifer, Jody and Joan came over to where Robin and Jack were standing.

"Hi, honey, look who Jody and I ran into in the bathroom," Joan said, as she nodded at Jennifer.

Jack growled. Then he said to Jennifer, "And I don't suppose you know where Joseph is either?"

Jennifer shook her head back and forth. Then Jack spun her around, too, and slapped her hard on her bottom. Jennifer started to cry. Jack filled Joan in on what happened.

Joan said, "Well, he's got to be around here somewhere." She turned to the girls and said, "What was the last thing he said to you?"

Amidst tears, Jennifer answered, "He wanted to find this game called Frogger. Robin and I told him we had never heard of it, but he said he wanted to play it. We told him to wait one minute and we would help him find it, but he just ran off. We tried to catch up to him, but we couldn't find him. Then I had to go to the bathroom, and Robin said she was going to wait right here, by the skeeball for me, and hoped he would go past."

Jack turned to Robin and asked, "Is that what happened, Robin?"

Robin said, "I tried to tell you that, Uncle Jack."

He responded, "Well, I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you. Our main concern now is that we find Joseph." Then he turned to his wife and said, "Why don't you all stay here, and I will go look for him? That way, I'll know where you all are."

Joan said, "Why don't we split up and all look? Oh, honey, you don't think Joseph left the building, do you? He's been bugging us about going on the train all day. You don't think he went to see the train, do you?"

Jack looked at Joan, and then hurried out the door. Just then, a man pushed Joseph aside and said, "Little boy, you'd better stand back. The train is coming, and you could get hurt."

Jack saw this and ran and grabbed Joseph. Just then a speeding train went by. Jack looked Joseph over to see that he was all right, and then hugged him close to him.

"Oh, thank god, you're all right. What were you doing? What do you think you're doing out here all by yourself? You could have been killed," Jack screamed.

Then he grabbed Joseph and swung him around. He gave him ten quick smacks on his backside. Joseph started to cry.

Jack said, "Don't you ever do that again, do you understand?"

Joseph recovered from his shock. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I didn't mean anything, I just wanted to see the train." He continued to cry.

Joan and the girls walked over to them. They had followed Jack out and saw everything.

Jack said, "Well, I think that it's time to go home."

Jody said, "No, Daddy, you promised us a ride on the train. I want to go on the train."

Joan said, "Honey, you did promise them. Jody's been so good all day. Let's just go on the train and then we'll call it a day. She needs a nap, anyway."

Jack looked at everyone's faces. He was relieved that his son was all right. He gave in.

"Okay, one train ride coming right up, and then we're leaving. Let's go!"

The train took them all around the park. Unfortunately, Robin, Jennifer and Joseph did not find the hard wooden benches on the train very comfortable. And they all knew there was more in store for them when they got home.

(To be continued)

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